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“Tom Brady Has Our Unconditional Support” – Thank You Robert Kraft

Posted on May 12, 2015

  Commentary by Jacqueline Bennett     ******************** UPDATE Disappointed in Robert Kraft's decision not to fight NFL sanctions reportedly absent hard evidence, and given their inequity. — newsandviewsjb (@newsandviewsjb) May 20, 2015 ******************** Statement from Patriots Chairman and CEO Robert Kraft via @patriots — newsandviewsjb (@newsandviewsjb) May 12, 2015     I will be ordering my “FREE BRADY” t-shirt later this morning but first I want to thank New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft for his statement following the announcement of a four-game suspension for star quarterback Tom Brady. It is easy to be in someone’s corner in the good times but the measure of character and loyalty is standing with them through the tough times.   “Tom Brady has our…

If Tom Brady is Suspended – Boycott the Game

Posted on May 8, 2015

Commentary by Jacqueline Bennett    I believe in fair play. I believe in living by a code of honesty and personal integrity.   I also believe that a whole lot of envious folks have been gunning for Tom Brady. As the New England Patriots’ star quarterback Brady has led the NFL team to multiple Super Bowl victories.   According to an Associated Press report, speaking at Salem State University in Massachusetts yesterday, during a previously scheduled ‘question & answer’ session, Brady was quoted as saying, “As a human being, you care about what people think. I think as a public figure you learn not everyone is going to like you …. Good, bad or indifferent there are a lot of people who don’t…

Classy Farewell from NE Patriots Vince Wilfork & Salt in an Old Wound

Posted on March 6, 2015

Commentary by Jacqueline Bennett   Whenever a popular player from one of my favorite teams, who has not only performed well but with loyalty and integrity, is shown the door it feels like salt in an old wound for me. That being the devasting 11th hour trade of Ronnie Francis from the former National Hockey League Hartford Whalers.   Known to virtually everyone in Connecticut by his first name during his time with the Whale, “Ronnie” was traded on March 4, 1991. He was traded along with Ulf Samuelson and Grant Jennings to the Pittsburgh Penguins after Francis spent close to ten seasons with the Whalers, most of those as captain, reportedly scoring 264 goals, 557 assists and “setting nearly every offensive record in franchise history.” Rightfully so, he was beloved…

New England Patriots Win Super Bowl, Defeat Seahawks – From ‘Sea to Shining Sea’ We Had It Covered

Posted on February 2, 2015

By:Jacqueline Bennett   When the camera panned from a night view of Boston, Massachusetts to one of Seattle, Washington during the opening of the Super Bowl last evening as John Legend sang the lyrics “from sea to shining sea” in “America the Beautiful”, it really struck a chord. Super Bowl XLIX was especially exciting in my family with those of us living in New England as stalwart Patriots fans and my Seattle relatives huge Seahawks fans. No matter what, I thought to myself, our family was going to win because as the beautiful lyric goes – “from sea to shining sea” – we had it covered.   If both teams could have won, I would have been pleased. That said, since only one could bring…

Sour Grapes Meant to Deflate Patriots AFC Championship?

Posted on January 22, 2015

Commentary By: Jacqueline Bennett   “… The officials do a great job of being sure everything is up-to-date. With all the procedures they take, I find it hard to believe that someone could take two bags of 12 balls and deflate them. I don’t see where you could go with this large bag of balls. Do you lock yourself in a room? It’s not very feasible.” Gil Brandt, former vice president for player personnel with the Dallas Cowboys and current analyst for NFL Media, as quoted January 20 in The New York Times.   I am a New England Patriots fan. Like most Pats fans I was on top of world after the AFC championship game victory over the Indianapolis Colts on Sunday, January 18, that…

New England Patriots-Seattle Seahawks Potential Super Bowl Bout Heats Up East/West Coast Family Rivalry

Posted on January 13, 2015

Write-up by Jacqueline Bennett   Wins by the New England Patriots and Seattle Seahawks in the playoffs last weekend have potentially positioned the professional football teams to face each other in a Super Bowl bout, heating up a friendly – albeit serious – East/West Coast rivalry in my family, Bennett/Larned versus Landeck.   Backing the Seahawks are Deb, Wayne, Katie, Nate, Dan, Sofia and their teacup poodle Scooby-Doo. In the Patriot’s corner are Mike, Melane, their German Shepard Polaris, Dixie, Candy and I.     The possible match-up between the northeastern and northwestern competitors is an exciting prospect.   “We’ll win hands down – if they can’t get to Brady,” said Dixie on January 12.   That is a big ‘if’ given the season’s history where Brady’s defenders…

Boy Bullied for Appearance, Speech Invited to New England Patriots Game

Posted on December 15, 2013

Here’s another reason to cheer for the New England Patriots today as they take on the Miami Dolphins. For anyone who missed the story on the Ellen Show last week, young Danny Keefe who was born with a brain hemorrage and has a speech impediment yet defied the odds to not only walk but run, was being teased at school because of his appearance and the way he speaks. Danny has a favorite jacket and likes to wear it with a tie and fedora hat to classes. Sadly, some children at his school bullied Danny teasing him about his speech and wearing a suit. and snatching away his hat. Danny is the water coach for the Bridgewater Badgers youth football team in Massachusetts and…