Mish Mash by Jacqueline Bennett newsandviewsjb020

In my posts I generally report on news events but today’s is a mish mash about a bit of what’s on my mind…

I continue to be bothered by the epidemic of clerks addressing customers as “honey” or other unprofessional, inappropriate terms.

I’m fed up with the concept of  “dress down” having spawned a norm of sloppy dressing.

I love the CBS hit drama “Blue Bloods” but am annoyed that the powers-that-be reportedly could not find their way to accommodate Jennifer Esposito as she deals with celiac disease and have kept her on in her outstanding role as Danny’s partner.

Could we possibly rediscover “ing” in this nation?

It is understandable if one is a country music singer (and I am a country music fan) but even television news anchors have taken to mispronunciations such as goin’, doin’.

In the same vein – unless one lives in Mayberry, an “ant” crawls on the ground and an “aunt” is a relative.

Here’s another – one is graduated from an institution, one does not graduate one’s self. For example, it is not “I graduated from…” or “Billy graduated from…” rather it should be “I was graduated from…” or “Billy was graduated from…”

How tiresome are meteorologists who live in New England but don’t like winter and constantly berate the cold and snowy weather? For a refreshing change tune into NBC Connecticut News and listen to Brad Field and Ryan Hanrahan.

I’m thinking that those of us who are New England Patriots fans should erect a monument to Wes Welker after this past Sunday’s game. Tom (could he be any cuter) Brady was in splendid form as quarterback but oh those receivers – especially Welker who caught one pass in particular that appeared to defy being caught.