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Mindfulness, Stretch, Walk For Your Health

Posted on February 10, 2019

Be Mindful - Brew A Cup of Tea.

Brew a cup of tea to practice mindfulness. Photo by Jacqueline Bennett Dog Lane Cafe Storrs, CT

Photo by Jacqueline Bennett Dog Lane Cafe Storrs, Ct ~ Brew a cup of tea for mindfulness


By Jacqueline Bennett


Mindfulness is the new trend but what does it mean? Essentially it is about staying in the moment. Focus on simple tasks and send out positive energy to calm the mind rather than letting your thoughts race in a zillion different directions ~ which can be mentally and emotionally taxing.


Practicing mindfulness can be as simple as brewing a cup of tea says Focus on each step of the process along the way ~ thus allowing the mind to take a mental break.


A couple more simple suggestions offered for practicing mindfulness, wish someone happiness and pause to look up at the stars. Wishing someone happiness is a philosophy said to have been promoted by Chade Meng Tan  ~ “Throughout the day, randomly wish for someone to be happy.” This might be someone you love, someone you are worried about, someone from the past, anyone.


Looking upward is another way to practice mindfulness. Headed for work ~ pause and look up, at the computer ~ pause and look up, taking out the trash ~ pause and look up, walking the dog ~ paws (ha!) and look up at the sky or the stars.


Bringing a moment of peace to your life on a daily basis may well have a cumulative effect. Certainly it cannot hurt to give mindfulness a try.


Stretching notes can have multiple benefits. Done on a regular basis, stretching can increase flexibility and range of motion which can enhance your ability to do other physical activities. (Easy stretching is my preference.)


Stretching can also help to heal and prevent pain by increasing blood flow to the muscles thus reducing muscle soreness and making recovery easier. It can help improve posture by encouraging proper muscular skeletal alignment. Tight muscles it was pointed out as well, can result in strain, even headaches. To be beneficial stretching needs to be done in proper form, information which is available online.


Of course, walking remains one of the best activities for the health conscious. What better time to add some steps to your day than in February, the American Heart Association’s Heart Health Month. As I have stated in previous posts ~ walk until your heart is content!


Why not stretch a bit before and after walking & bring mindfulness to your movements? A happy  health ‘hattrick’.


**Always check with a physician before starting any new exercise.

Arctic Blast Crosses Connecticut

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by Jacqueline Bennett     Baby, it was cold outside! On a day usually dedicated to turkey – frigid temperatures were more suited to penguins at the 82nd Manchester Road Race. At race time, 10 a.m. Thanksgiving Day it was 17 degrees but add in a wind chill factor and it felt like single digit weather. Many runners came dressed for the cold but some elite contestants still wore shorts and sleeveless shirts !! Plenty of costumes too. Both the male and female winners were from Kenya ~ the race is known to attract top competitors from around the globe. More than 12,000 runners were registered but reportedly about 2,000 did not finish – likely due to the cold. Plenty of spectators still…

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                      Write-up & photos by Jacqueline Bennett   New this year to the Manchester Road Race is a Veteran’s Row. According to race organizers, veterans will gather between 8-9:30 a.m., the morning of the race on Thanksgiving Day at the Vietnam Memorial. The memorial is located at the top of Main Street, near East Center Street. Runners who indicate they are veterans on their registration form with be given more details.   As of 7:30 a.m. 11/18, the total number of registered runners was 11,788. In its 82nd year, the MRR is a popular holiday tradition attracting elite runners from across the globe, as well as, generations of area families who continue to…