Photo by Jacqueline Bennett Christmas Trees arrive in Manchester CT for sales.

Story & Photo by Jacqueline Bennett


From the United Kingdom to Wisconsin, USA to local tree lots Christmas Tree sales are reportedly soaring as people seek to raise their spirits amid the COVID -19 pandemic.


“Demand spikes for real Christmas Trees,” reads one headline, with an estimated increase of 25 percent more customers buying trees this season than last season.


Ironically, it was only a few weeks ago that tree growers were worried about about a slow year. Turns out quite the opposite is true.


This first weekend in December is traditionally the busiest time for tree shoppers to visit lots or tree farms, such as the ever popular Dzen’s Christmas Tree Farm in South Windsor, Connecticut. Governors, TV personalities and ordinary folks have made buying a tree at Dzen’s, where you can select and chop down your own, a tradition. Former WFSB anchor Dennis House and his family returned to Dzen’s recently to pick out their tree. Of course the presence of reindeer at Dzen’s is quite the attraction.


In Manchester, the 1st Utilities Volunteer Fire District sells Christmas Trees annually as a fundraiser. Pictured are trees arriving from out-of-state last year for their lot. It was a grand sight.  Meanwhile in Windsor the Jaycees have been selling Christmas Trees also as a fundraiser for years.


For the moment there are ample sites to get a tree. Nonetheless, with people scrambling to put the difficulties of 2020 out of mind , it is hard to say just how long a even large shipment of trees will last this season.