Story & Photo By Jacqueline Bennett


You had me at ‘Nantucket’.


My affection for Cape Cod and the Islands – Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket runs deep. So this lovely New Year’s gift of a Nantucket Blue Bouquet was quite wonderful.


Truth be told I had never before heard of a Nantucket Blue Bouquet but Nantucket Blue Hydrangeas are very popular. The bouquets come in various designs some are solid blue typically created with blue hydrangeas and blueberry chinoiseue, others are hydrangeas mixed with soft peach and white roses. Mine is a mix of the bright blue Nantucket hydrangeas, with oriental lilies, small white daisies, baby breath and greenery. 


It is absolutely gorgeous having found a home in the center of my dining room table. It feels like the bouquet itself is welcoming in the new year and  new beginnings – flowers can have such an amazing effect.


Nantucket blues are also popular growing flowers/plants which I just might try come summer. Since my flowers are already cut they are best cared for with flower food – which I have , in a spacious vase -which I have and with periodic fresh water – which I will do.