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Pointsettia Says Christmas

Posted on December 15, 2020

    Photo & Article by Jacqueline Bennett   Little says Christmas more than a pointsettia plant. With festivally scarlet-colored blossoms that welcome, a pointsetia lights up a spot.   Native to Mexico, the plant’s name is derived from John Poinsett who was the first ambassador from the USA to Mexico in the 19th Century. Pointsett had botantical plantations at his home in South Carolina and sent some of these cherry, red plants back to the states which is how they were introduced in America.   They are thought to bring good luck to both the giver and receiver ” if handled with affection.” Keep your poinsettia in a warm room and mist it daily, experts suggest. With proper care,  pointsettias can live…

A Father’s Dedication – Dad in the Car Trunk with the Christmas Tree

Posted on December 24, 2014

Holiday Reflection: By Jacqueline Bennett   *For several years after my father passed away, some of his grandsons (my nephews) – Lance, Eric and Glen Jr. – stepped in to carry on Dad’s Christmas tradition of visiting a Northeastern Connecticut tree farm that had special meaning to the family, sawing down our huge tree, then lugging it to the car. Once inside the house, we all – Lance, Eric, Glen Jr. Jillian, Deb, Candy, Mom/Nana, Aunt June and I –  had turns over time joining in the decorating !                        As the youngest of seven siblings, I had a big say in the selection of our family Christmas Tree. The ceilings in our…

Santa’s Workshop at Wickham Park a Storybook-Like Delight

Posted on December 22, 2014

Story & Photos by Jacqueline Bennett   Santa’s Workshop at Wickham Park is a storybook-like delight. For more than 30 years, this annual event has been transforming a hilltop cabin at the park, located on the East Hartford and Manchester townline in Connecticut, into a holiday treat providing an authentic feeling of the North Pole and Christmas to some three generations of families. “It’s about bringing (Christmas) back to old family values. It’s important to us that everything remains the same,” said Chelsea Lowe, a staff member at the park. According to Lowe, Santa’s Workshop has welcomed nearly 150,000 visitors since it first opened and is seeing third generations of families return. She added that the philosophy of simplicity and authenticity comes from the top, Jeff Maron, park director. Santa Claus, the main attraction,…

Mom’s Recipe Box: The Elopement! – Ma’s Baked Bread & Aunt Anna’s Ice Box Cookies

Posted on December 5, 2014

                  “Ma’s Baked Bread” leads off the family holiday recipes I will post through the month of December – Jackie        “The Elopement!”   I never knew my maternal grandparents “Ma & Pa” because, as readers of newsandviewsjb know I am fond of mentioning, I am the youngest of seven with a big gap between my oldest siblings and myself – so I missed out on knowing some of the family who had passed on. Nevertheless, I have heard many a story about them.   One of my favorite “Ma & Pa” (Delia Roberts Generous & Henry Generous, Sr.) stories is of “Pa and his baseball” and “the elopement.” In his later years Pa worked on the…

Christmas and G. Fox & Co.

Posted on December 24, 2013

By: Jacqueline Bennett    When I was growing up, G.Fox & Co. in downtown Hartford, Connecticut played a big part in Christmas for my family. In America’s golden era of thriving downtown department stores, G. Fox & Co, a.k.a. “Fox’s”, was known as “Connecticut’s Department Store.”   Christmas shopping at “Fox’s” would get underway for us the day after Thanksgiving. It continued each weekend until the arrival of the holiday. My father worked in the city so the family rode into Hartford with him. We spent the day shopping then met him after he got off work. Often we had dinner downtown.   “Fox’s” was a magical destination at this time of year. My mother made sure we were dressed-up for these excursions.…

Skating Socks From My Brother

Posted on October 28, 2013

Skating Socks From My Brother- Reflection by Jacqueline Bennett   Taking winter clothes out of storage is a ritual for New Englanders this time of year as the weather turns cold. For me that includes pulling out an old battered Brooks Brothers bag stuffed with knee socks – and skating socks from my brother.   Growing up my large family exchanged Christmas gifts among all of us. Somewhere along the way that subsided but my brother Glen Sr. was not comfortable with letting Christmas go by without gifts for his two youngest sisters – myself being one – actually THE youngest of seven children. So, under the tree every holiday was a box of skating socks from my brother. New Englanders know exactly…