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Homeland Day 100th Anniversary Celebrated in Manchester, Connecticut

Posted on June 16, 2014

Story & Photos by Jacqueline Bennett The 100th anniversary of Homeland Day was celebrated on June 14 in Manchester, Connecticut. Since renamed Heritage Day, the annual celebration was originated by Ruth Sears Cheney to recognize the heritage of the many ethnic groups living in Manchester and working in the Cheney silk mills. The first celebration included a day of festivities and floats representing the varied cultures of Manchester’s population in the early 20th Century. This year’s Heritage Day capped the 23rd Pride in Manchester Week with a ceremony at Cheney Hall, that is now home to the Little Theater of Manchester which is currently staging a production of “Almost Maine”. The ceremony was followed by a march from the hall along Hartford Road…

Skating Socks From My Brother

Posted on October 28, 2013

Skating Socks From My Brother- Reflection by Jacqueline Bennett   Taking winter clothes out of storage is a ritual for New Englanders this time of year as the weather turns cold. For me that includes pulling out an old battered Brooks Brothers bag stuffed with knee socks – and skating socks from my brother.   Growing up my large family exchanged Christmas gifts among all of us. Somewhere along the way that subsided but my brother Glen Sr. was not comfortable with letting Christmas go by without gifts for his two youngest sisters – myself being one – actually THE youngest of seven children. So, under the tree every holiday was a box of skating socks from my brother. New Englanders know exactly…