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Sour Grapes Meant to Deflate Patriots AFC Championship?

Posted on January 22, 2015

Commentary By: Jacqueline Bennett   “… The officials do a great job of being sure everything is up-to-date. With all the procedures they take, I find it hard to believe that someone could take two bags of 12 balls and deflate them. I don’t see where you could go with this large bag of balls. Do you lock yourself in a room? It’s not very feasible.” Gil Brandt, former vice president for player personnel with the Dallas Cowboys and current analyst for NFL Media, as quoted January 20 in The New York Times.   I am a New England Patriots fan. Like most Pats fans I was on top of world after the AFC championship game victory over the Indianapolis Colts on Sunday, January 18, that…

Homeland Day 100th Anniversary Celebrated in Manchester, Connecticut

Posted on June 16, 2014

Story & Photos by Jacqueline Bennett The 100th anniversary of Homeland Day was celebrated on June 14 in Manchester, Connecticut. Since renamed Heritage Day, the annual celebration was originated by Ruth Sears Cheney to recognize the heritage of the many ethnic groups living in Manchester and working in the Cheney silk mills. The first celebration included a day of festivities and floats representing the varied cultures of Manchester’s population in the early 20th Century. This year’s Heritage Day capped the 23rd Pride in Manchester Week with a ceremony at Cheney Hall, that is now home to the Little Theater of Manchester which is currently staging a production of “Almost Maine”. The ceremony was followed by a march from the hall along Hartford Road…

Say It Isn’t So, Friendly UConn Husky Mascot To Go

Posted on March 19, 2013

Commentary by Jacqueline Bennett newsandviewsjb Please say it isn’t so. The lovable, friendly-looking University of Connecticut Husky mascot will go. Apparently first reported in the March 11 edition of the university’s student newspaper, The Daily Campus, and since reported by several other news organizations, the current Husky emblem is slated to be replaced by a more menacing, meaner looking Husky with slanted eyes. Amid the numerous extraneous surveys I have been sent as a UConn alumna and being hit up for money on an ongoing basis, my questionnaire seeking input about changing the mascot’s image evidently got lost in the mail. No – as it turns out, this is a non-inclusive initiative. In fact since the beans are said to have been spilled by…