For those of us who grew up with Shady Glen as a part of our lives, news that the Manchester Parkade shop closed October 17 was indeed sad. I was so young when I began going to Shay Glen – the Rt 6 shop which remans open – that my father used to carry me in with him. The ice cream counter was always three rows deep with customers and Dad always took the time to let me admire the ice cream mural on the wall. We would bring cones out to the family waiting in the car.

Their menu also includes signature items like fried cheese , cheesefurters, secret recipe cole slaw. Some years later the Parkade shop opened and was aptly described as half of a iconic Manchester restaurant.

Owner Billy Hoch was quoted as saying the COVID-19 pandemic took its toll.

Certainly hope the Rt. 6 shop can be sustained. After all is Manchester even Manchester without Shady Glen?