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Connecticut Victory on Ice Conjures Up UConn Hockey Memory

Posted on January 23, 2021

Congrats UConn Hockey !! — newsandviewsjb (@newsandviewsjb) January 23, 2021   By Jacqueline Bennett   As a proud University of Connecticut alum I’m always thrilled when our Husky sport’s teams do well. Yesterday our Men’s Hockey Team beat number one in the country, Boston College, in a shoot out winning what had been a tied game, 3-3. Yea !    Images from the victory conjured up a great UConn hockey memory for me. When I was attending UConn I also worked at Kathy- John’s, an ice cream and sandwich shop just off campus. One of my co-workers – Mike – played intramural hockey at the UConn rink. At that tine, there were so many intramural teams that they played into the early morning…

National Ice Cream Month Conjures Up Recollections of a Kathy Johns I.C. Girl

Posted on July 20, 2014

Write-Up & Photo by Jacqueline Bennett   As someone who spent her college years scooping ice cream at a popular ice cream and sandwich shop, I particularly enjoyed a recent article highlighting July as national ice cream month in Yankee Magazine’s New England Minute. The writer spoke of her days working in an ice cream store and recognizing customers for what they ordered. When I wasn’t waiting tables, I was assigned to “i.c.” at Kathy Johns in Storrs, Connecticut, located at the Four Corners about one mile from the University of Connecticut campus. That meant on a given night I made all the sundaes ordered. On Sunday nights, when students returned to campus often with their families in tow, lines overflowed out the…