By Jacqueline Bennett


As a proud University of Connecticut alum I’m always thrilled when our Husky sport’s teams do well. Yesterday our Men’s Hockey Team beat number one in the country, Boston College, in a shoot out winning what had been a tied game, 3-3. Yea ! 


Images from the victory conjured up a great UConn hockey memory for me. When I was attending UConn I also worked at Kathy- John’s, an ice cream and sandwich shop just off campus. One of my co-workers – Mike – played intramural hockey at the UConn rink. At that tine, there were so many intramural teams that they played into the early morning hours.


I worked the 5 to closing shift at KJ’s , the shop closed at 11 P.M., then we had an hour clean-up and didn’t get done until midnight. One night Mike had asked some of us if we would come watch his team play. And so we did.


The UConn ice rink used to be open with bleachers outside ( and a fabulous ole’ warming shed with a huge open wood fireplace). Anyone who has ever been on the Storrs campus in winter knows “UConn” is aptly named, getting virtually as cold as the Yukon territory that borders Alaska. Nonetheless, there we were, watching a hockey game well after midnight in the frigid UConn air.  


A sweet memory that may make me shiver – but warms my heart. Those were the days !!