033By Jacqueline Bennett newsandviewsjb.com

At last, it’s here! A cool nip in the morning air is a welcome sign of the coming of autumn in New England. Foliage on a few tree tops has begun the annual transformation from green to various hues of gold and russet. Soon enough the beauty of autumn will surround us along the roadsides, in parks and on town greens. As a turtlenecks, corduroys and football games girl this is the time of year I anticipate. Starting tomorrow warmer temperatures will return for a few days but by Saturday the forecast is 69 degrees and sunny!

The New England Patriots have a NFL season opener win under their belts from yesterday’s match up against the Bills. It may not have come easily as quarterback (could he be any cuter) Tom Brady adjusts to the loss of two of his most consistent receivers – nonetheless- the Pats came up with the victory.