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If Tom Brady is Suspended – Boycott the Game

Posted on May 8, 2015

Commentary by Jacqueline Bennett newsandviewsjb.comĀ    I believe in fair play. I believe in living by a code of honesty and personal integrity.   I also believe that a whole lot of envious folks have been gunning for Tom Brady. As the New England Patriots’ star quarterback Brady has led the NFL team to multiple Super Bowl victories.   According to an Associated Press report, speaking at Salem State University in Massachusetts yesterday, during a previously scheduled ‘question & answer’ session, Brady was quoted as saying, “As a human being, you care about what people think. I think as a public figure you learn not everyone is going to like you …. Good, bad or indifferent there are a lot of people who don’t…

Tough Loss for Tom Brady & the New England Patriots

Posted on February 6, 2012

By: Jacqueline Bennett newsandviewsjb From the first ball possession things did not go well for the New England Patriots yesterday in a 21-17 Super Bowl XLVI loss to the New York Giants in Indianapolis. Sunday’s game was a Super Bowl rematch between the Patriots and Giants and quarterbacks Tom Brady and Eli Manning. An apparent mistake by Brady who grounded the ball while under pressure from the Giants defense in their end zone put the Giants on the score board first with a two point safety. Soon after, in what television commentators described as another “un New England Patriots like” error, the Pats were penalized for having twelve men on the field. Though Brady had good moments, his concentration appeared to be off –…