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Mom’s Recipe Box: Jillian’s “Proud To Be An American” Old Glory Gluten Free Cake – Perfect for Veterans Day!

Posted on November 7, 2014

                            Jillian’s “Proud To Be An American” Old Glory Gluten Free Cake I love to bake. Well, I love to bake things that come from a box. Well, I love to decorate baked things that have come from a box. I think every holiday or occasion calls for a baked cake with thematic decor. If it’s someone’s birthday I like to find the most embarrassing photos and print them out, tape them to toothpicks and stick them into the cake. People love that!! Now, I have celiac disease which means I have to be gluten free. Thank goodness being gluten free is trendy because a lot of restaurants and grocery stores have…

Mom’s Recipe Box: “Thank You Mom” Stuffed Peppers from Jillian

Posted on July 11, 2014

            (“Thank You Mom”) Stuffed Peppers Personally, I hate to cook – I’d rather not eat than to cook. I love to go out to eat. But my mom, Jane, is a great cook! There are four things I will never eat unless they are made from my mom’s recipes: 1- Southern Fried Chicken (she’s from Texas, so look out!); 2- Beef Stew; 3- Apple Pie; and 4- Stuffed Peppers. She taught me how to cook these fabulous meals but cooking in general never interested me. More importantly, she taught me how to be a loving wife, a nurturing mother and to always treat people with kindness. We live 3,000 miles apart now but when I cook one of her…