Old Glory Gluten Free cake from her granddaughter Jillian has been added to Mom's Recipe Box.

Old Glory Gluten Free Cake from her granddaughter Jillian has been added to Mom’s Recipe Box.




Jillian’s “Proud To Be An American” Old Glory Gluten Free Cake

I love to bake.

Well, I love to bake things that come from a box.

Well, I love to decorate baked things that have come from a box.

I think every holiday or occasion calls for a baked cake with thematic decor. If it’s someone’s birthday I like to find the most embarrassing photos and print them out, tape them to toothpicks and stick them into the cake. People love that!!

Now, I have celiac disease which means I have to be gluten free. Thank goodness being gluten free is trendy because a lot of restaurants and grocery stores have gluten free items now. Some things are really heavy and not worth eating, but Miss Betty Crocker makes a great cake mix. You’ll never know it’s anything different but you will feel less heavy after eating dessert.

(Side note – Barilla makes great gluten free pasta, the trick is to cook it 2 minutes less than directed. And for good gluten free bread, muffins, etc. look for Uti, it’s in the refrigerated section.)

Thank a veteran!

Jillian’s cake – thank a veteran!


With Veterans Day close at hand on November 11, here’s a gluten free delight I am calling “Old Glory Cake”. It is a nice way to show appreciation to our veterans – really, it is perfect for any patriotic holiday.  It’s “Betty’s ” devil food cake and frost it with her butter cream frosting. – Jillian Bennett Sterkin 










Betty Crocker devils food Gluten Free cake mix and Betty Crocker Whipped Butter Cream Frosting.












In the top left corner make 7 rows of blueberries across 8 down. Then take strawberries that have been sliced in half and make a row and then leave an equal width row blank. Repeat this until the bottom of the cake.

Then take a star shaped cake decorating tip and a pastry bag or zip lock bag and fill it with the same frosting. If you use a zip lock, cut the corner off and insert the decorating tip. Fill in the rows between the strawberries with frosting and make a circle of stars on the blueberries.

I like to make a side of sliced strawberries and blueberries to put on the slices of cake. – JBS





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