By Jacqueline Bennett newsandviewsjb.com

Back in 2011 when I launched newsandviewsjb I envisioned organizing a “Mom’s Recipe Box” family project. In addition to writing news stories, I wanted to invite family members to send some of their favorite recipes to me to add to my mothers’ recipe box – just as she had done over the years – and publish them here as a feature series to honor her memory. That first year I posted a couple recipes but newsandviewsjb was new and I was still getting it established.

Three years later I decided to put out the call. The response was terrific! The “Mom’s Recipe Box” Family Series has meant so much to me as it has highlighted another of Mom’s/Nana’s legacies. I have so looked forward to reading the write-ups that accompanied the recipes.

I wanted to begin on a celebratory note and I chose the Fourth of July, one of my mother’s favorite holidays. From that point, it was my hope to have enough recipes to continue so that I could run Mom’s/Nana’s signature holiday recipes in a timely manner. Thanks to all of you who took part – we will be able to do that, and more.

With the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays nearing, I had planned to wrap up the series the Friday before Thanksgiving with what I am sure all of us in the family agree is the crowning glory of Mom’s/Nana’s recipes. However, thanks to an infusion of new recipes “Mom’s Recipe Box” will continue awhile longer. At this juncture, I will plan to hold off one month and post Mom’s/Nana’s most memorable recipe the Friday before Christmas. That gives everyone time to anticipate what it will be….. Beyond that, it appears our recipes will take us into January to conclude as a family series in time for the anniversary of my mother’s birthday. How wonderful!

However, “Mom’s Recipe Box” will not go away – look for it to appear on newsandviewsjb.com as I come across recipes that appeal to me, and, or, are meaningful to me. I will add them to my mother’s recipe box – just as she did.

That said, I am extending an invitation to those in my family who already participated, as well as those in the family who have not yet – but may want to, to send me recipes in the future – if you are so inspired.

A heartfelt “Thank You” for making “Mom’s Recipe Box” Family Series an enjoyable and successful project! xxxooo – Jackie