Stuffed Peppers from her granddaughter Jillian have been added to Mom's Recipe Box.

Stuffed Peppers from her granddaughter Jillian have been added to Mom’s Recipe Box.



(“Thank You Mom”) Stuffed Peppers

Personally, I hate to cook – I’d rather not eat than to cook.

I love to go out to eat.

But my mom, Jane, is a great cook!

There are four things I will never eat unless they are made from my mom’s recipes: 1- Southern Fried Chicken (she’s from Texas, so look out!); 2- Beef Stew; 3- Apple Pie; and 4- Stuffed Peppers. She taught me how to cook these fabulous meals but cooking in general never interested me.

More importantly, she taught me how to be a loving wife, a nurturing mother and to always treat people with kindness. We live 3,000 miles apart now but when I cook one of her meals I feel like I’m back at my parents’ house – upstairs doing homework while she is down in the kitchen hard at work. What a warm and safe feeling.

Thank you Mom! – Jillian Bennett Sterkin



Prep Time: 30 minutes  Cook Time: Approx. 90 minutes002

Utensils needed: 1 large mixing bowl; 6 quart sauce pan; 1 long handled spoon; 1 sharp knife


INGREDIENTS:  6 peppers (any color is fine). Try to choose peppers that are reasonably flat on the bottom and fairly good-size but not huge; 2 and a half pounds ground beef; 1 large onion; 1 cup of rice (not instant); 2 teaspoons salt; one half teaspoon pepper; 2 cans stewed tomatoes – 14.5 ounce cans; 1 can tomato paste – 6 ounce cans; 2 cans Campbell’s tomato soup – 10 and three quarter ounce cans ; 2 soup cans of water.


PREPARATION:  Start at least two hours before you plan to eat; wash peppers; cut off tops and remove seeds by spooning out; place in a 6 qt. saucepan; cover peppers with boiling water and let stand 10 minutes; drain the water; set pan of peppers aside.


STUFFING MIXTURE:  Thoroughly mix ground beef, diced onion, salt, pepper and rice in mixing bowl. Fill peppers with stuffing mix.


SAUCE:  Using the same mixing bowl, combine any leftover meat stuffing mixture, stewed tomatoes, tomato paste, tomato soup and water. Mix well and pour over and around peppers; You are using a large pan so make sure to cook on your largest burner; cover pan, and bring to boil, just a good bubble not a high boil, stirring sauce a few times – it won’t be easy to stir because the peppers are in the way but do your best.

After sauce begins to bubble cover pan and reduce heat to simmer; after approx. 10 minutes check to see if sauce is simmering, if not adjust heat accordingly – be careful not to have heat too high as tomato products burn easily. Simmer for one-hour occasionally spooning sauce over peppers; when peppers are done remove them to large serving bowl or plate; Simmer sauce uncovered for 10 minutes to thicken; Pour sauce into separate bowl, to be added as desired.

Delicious served with whipped potatoes or rice! – JBS




Look for Mom’s Recipe Box weekly on Fridays as family members add to and celebrate my mother’s collection of recipes, the Cecelia G. Bennett Collection – JB