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Mom’s Recipe Box: Great-Great-Granddaughter Sofia’s Award-Winning Apple Pie

Posted on November 15, 2018

                  Great-Great-Granddaughter Sofia’s Award-Winning Apple Pie   Inspired by the love of her grandmother Deb Landeck’s baking and cooking, Sofia, Mom/Nana’s great-great-granddaughter, recently decided to enter a pie contest. Her first ever baking contest. Sofia won a red ribbon and a $35 award!   Praising her grandmother, Sofia told her,”I want to learn from the best.”   A member of our “West Coast family,” Sofia entered the Fall City Apple Festival contest in September 2018, in Washington state. Sofia, who turns 13 in December, loves horses. A very compassionate young lady, Sofia was also motivated to take part because the contest was sponsored by the Northwest Natural Horsemanship Center (NWNHC), that is located in Fall City.…

Young Artist -Sofia- Has Drawing Selected for Cover Design

Posted on November 22, 2016

  By: Jacqueline Bennett   It was no surprise to her classmates and friends when Sofia Landeck-Williams, a student at Island Park Elementary School in Mercer Island, Washington, had her drawing selected in a districtwide competition as the cover design for the school directory. The surprise, however, came for the promising young artist when the directories were delivered to her class.     “A student came into her classroom to pass out the student directories and announced to Sofia that she won the cover,” noted Sofia’s family, “Everyone in the class was so happy for her. There were all kinds of ‘congratulations’ and comments that they all knew she was going to win.”     True to Sofia’s caring nature, her first thoughts…