Drawing by Sofia

Drawing by Sofia


By: Jacqueline Bennett newsandviewsjb.com


It was no surprise to her classmates and friends when Sofia Landeck-Williams, a student at Island Park Elementary School in Mercer Island, Washington, had her drawing selected in a districtwide competition as the cover design for the school directory. The surprise, however, came for the promising young artist when the directories were delivered to her class.



“A student came into her classroom to pass out the student directories and announced to Sofia that she won the cover,” noted Sofia’s family, “Everyone in the class was so happy for her. There were all kinds of ‘congratulations’ and comments that they all knew she was going to win.”



True to Sofia’s caring nature, her first thoughts when she came home with the good news were about the other students who had also submitted drawings,


“You know what else is so cool … all my friends got to have their drawings inside of the book, too,” said Sofia.


Courtesy photo - Sofia hard at work on her drawing.

Sofia hard at work on her drawing – courtesy photos.

Sofia used a fine point felt marker.

Sofia used a fine point felt marker.

Sketched with extraordinary attention to detail – take notice of the eyes and beak – the drawing depicts the school mascot which is an eagle. It was created by ten-year-old Sofia, who turns eleven in December, using the medium of a fine point felt marker. Her entry was chosen as part of an annual contest sponsored by the Parent Teacher Association. The winner is picked “purely on merit”.


“Sofia’s passion is drawing. It’s her solace, her talent and her joy,”  her grandmother Debbie Landeck said.


From pencils, to art pens & paper, Sofia loves to draw. As well, she enjoys drawing on a computer pad that was a birthday gift from her father, Dan, given to Sofia “because she loves to draw so much”. After completing a drawing on the computer pad, she is able to print it out.


“She loves to watch all kinds of drawing videos to learn different styles,” added Debbie.


Any spare moment Sofia has, free time at school, during lunch or recess, she can be seen with pencil in hand – drawing. Sofia’s elation over the cover selection is shared by her family. Clearly, Sofia’s joy for drawing is also a gift to others!



(Writer’s note: Sofia is my niece.)