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Mom’s Recipe Box: Crepe, Goldbread and Apple Griddle Cakes

Posted on January 9, 2015

                                    “Crepe, Goldbread and Apple Griddle Cakes”     No Bennett Family recipe series would be complete without my mother’s “Crepe” and “Goldbread” – a type of French Toast – or my father’s  “Griddle Cakes”.   Although one would assume crepe would be a breakfast item, for us it was more often a Sunday night “supper”. On the heels of holiday dinners, Mom’s Homemade Crepe was a near certainty the Sunday evening afterwards. Cooked up in her heavy, black, iron skillet, Mom made the crepes one by one as each of us sat at the dining room table with our mouths watering waiting to enjoy this treat. Mom always topped her crepes with molasses, a…

Mom’s Recipe Box: “Maryann’s Mixology” Autumn Cider/Beer

Posted on September 26, 2014

                           “Maryann’s Mixology” I love the Summer, but the Fall Season has so much to offer too. I like the colorful leaves; jeans and a sweatshirt; orange pumpkins and yellow mums; picking apples and drinking fall beers/ciders! Nana loved the Big E. Last weekend I went to the Big E and sampled some ciders/beers. Yummmmm, I had to try and recreate my unforgettable experience with one particular beer. – Maryann Larned             INGREDIENTS  2 bottles of Woodchuck Fall Beer; one eighth cup of Comte’s Pure Maple Syrup (Grade B); one half t sugar; one half t cinnamon; one half t pumpkin pie spice        …