Autumn cider/beer mixology from her great-granddaughter Maryann has been added to Mom’s Recipe Box.






 “Maryann’s Mixology”

I love the Summer, but the Fall Season has so much to offer too. I like the colorful leaves; jeans and a sweatshirt; orange pumpkins and yellow mums; picking apples and drinking fall beers/ciders!

Nana loved the Big E. Last weekend I went to the Big E and sampled some ciders/beers. Yummmmm, I had to try and recreate my unforgettable experience with one particular beer. – Maryann Larned






Sip away!

Sip away!



2 bottles of Woodchuck Fall Beer; one eighth cup of Comte’s Pure Maple Syrup (Grade B); one half t sugar; one half t cinnamon; one half t pumpkin pie spice



Looks inviting.


In a bowl, mix together sugar, cinnamon, and pumpkin pie spice. In a separate bowl, pour the maple syrup to cover the bottom.

Take a glass and dip the rim into the maple syrup, then dip the rim into the bowl with the spices.

Pour the beer into the glass and sip away! Enjoy  the aromatherapy and delicious new way to enjoy a fall favorite beer.











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