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Mom’s Recipe Box: Great-Grandmother Reeve’s English Plum Pudding with Brandy

Posted on January 16, 2015

                  Great-Grandmother Reeve’s English Plum Pudding   During the “Mom’s Recipe Box Family Series” that began seven months ago, in the process of looking for photos to accompany the recipes more was discovered. Well, it happened again. A few days ago, while searching through my mother’s old photos for a picture to include with the series, came a wonderfully astonishing find – a journal of old family recipes penned more than one hundred years ago. It is handwritten in script by  Great-Grandmother Reeve, Gram Bennett’s (Bessie Reeve Bennett’s) mother, and my father’s maternal grandmother. I would imagine the journal was given to my father by Gram, which he in turn had my mother hold for safekeeping. She had kept it…

Mom’s Recipe Box: “Aunt June – The Church Hat – Gram’s Rice Pudding” & Aunt Jessie’s Burnt Sugar Cake

Posted on October 17, 2014

                “Aunt June – The Church Hat – Gram’s Rice Pudding” & Aunt Jessie’s Burnt Sugar Cake As much as my father enjoyed my mother’s cooking there were a couple of sweets that he preferred the way his mother, Gram (Bessie Reeve Bennett) made them. Just as my sisters and I prepare dishes as our mother did, my father’s sisters – Aunt June and Aunt Jessie – prepared dishes as Gram did. Mom never minded, she was close to my dad’s side of the family and happy to sing their praises. In fact, Mom and Aunt June were not only sisters-in-law, they were the best of friends. One of my favorite Aunt June stories began with a…