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Mom’s Recipe Box: “Aunt June – The Church Hat – Gram’s Rice Pudding” & Aunt Jessie’s Burnt Sugar Cake

Posted on October 17, 2014

                “Aunt June – The Church Hat – Gram’s Rice Pudding” & Aunt Jessie’s Burnt Sugar Cake As much as my father enjoyed my mother’s cooking there were a couple of sweets that he preferred the way his mother, Gram (Bessie Reeve Bennett) made them. Just as my sisters and I prepare dishes as our mother did, my father’s sisters – Aunt June and Aunt Jessie – prepared dishes as Gram did. Mom never minded, she was close to my dad’s side of the family and happy to sing their praises. In fact, Mom and Aunt June were not only sisters-in-law, they were the best of friends. One of my favorite Aunt June stories began with a…

Hayrides & The Bennett Family Farm in New Hampshire

Posted on August 17, 2014

By: Jacqueline Bennett   Among the many photos I have taken, one of my favorites I shot during my first ever hayride. It was on a gorgeous, late summer day in September of 2012, sunny, dry with a slight chill in the air – perfect sweatshirt and shorts weather – my favorite kind. I attended the Grange Fair in West Simsbury, Connecticut where they were offering free hayrides, and I decided it was high time that this New England girl get aboard to find out what it would be like firsthand.   To get started, the line of eager passengers was to climb up a small step ladder into the wagon. Thanks to my long legs the step ladder was unnecessary for me.…