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Mom’s Recipe Box: Melane’s ‘Father’s Day’ Carrot, Apple, Zucchini GF Bread

Posted on June 17, 2018





Mom’s granddaughter-in-law Melane’s ‘Father’s Day’ Carrot, Apple, Zucchini GF Bread has been added to Mom’s Recipe Box.


YUM and gluten free!

Melane’s ‘Father’s Day’ Carrot, Apple, Zucchini GF Bread

Mom’s granddaughter-in-law Melane Larned sent me her terrific Carrot, Apple, Zucchinni GF Bread recipe at my request to add to Mom’s Recipe Box. And, Melane sent me the accompanying photos.

She made this bread for the first time for a Father’s Day Shad Bake last weekend, celebrating the special day a bit early.

“It was a hit.”

So, I am calling it a ‘Father’s Day’ bread and appreciate having the recipe to post today for 2018 Father’s Day. Looks yummy! I like that it’s gluten free because that expands the number of people who can enjoy it. – Jackie








*Please note: In order to be able to publish this recipe in time for today I am posting the ingredients and instructions in photo format but will return to do a type written layout.




























Subsequent to the January 2015 conclusion of the original Mom’s Recipe Box Family Series – which honors the memory of Mom/Nana – look for Mom’s Recipe Box posts as occasional features on newsandviewsjb as I continue to add to, and celebrate, my mother’s recipe collection – the Cecelia G. Bennett Collection.

St. Damien of Windsor, CT Celebrates Merger with Two Mile Procession

Posted on June 7, 2018

Procession along Palisado Ave. June 3, 2018

Photos & Article by Jacqueline Bennett


Parishioner Anita Mips (shown far right) welcomes attendees with Hawaiian-style leis to an afternoon picnic held at River Meadow Farm, LLC on Palisado Ave,

Clergy and parishioners from St. Damien of Molokai church in Windsor, Connecticut walked in a two mile procession along Palisado Avenue June 3, to celebrate the merger of three Catholic parishes in town. Escorted by two Windsor Police cruisers, the group walked and snag hymns on what was a sunny, hot and humid day making their way to River Meadow Farm for an afternoon picnic.


Large open tents were set up in the middle of a field at the farm and attendees were greeted with the offering of Hawaiian-style leis in recognition of the merged parish’s namesake. Approximately 300 parishioners were expected to turn out, according to church member Ann Walsh.


Among those giving out the leis was parishioner Anita Mips.


“The merger has taken place over two years and it’s doing so well,” Mips said, explaining the impetus for the procession and gathering.


Music was part of the event at the farm.

Headed by Rev. John Melnick, St. Damien, 379 Broad Street, is said to be the merger of St. Gabriel’s, St. Joseph’s and St. Gertude’s.


“We didn’t know what name we would be given – the bishop decided,” added Mips.


The afternoon gathering included colorful garb, plenty of food, a pig roast, games and music.




* St. Damien was a 19th Century Roman Catholic priest and missionary. A CNN report notes that Father Damien, who was born Josef De Veuster on January 3, 1840 in Belgium, devoted his life to caring for the ostracized who were sick with leprosy on a leper colony in Hawaii. Eventually Father Damien contracted the disease and died of leprosy on April 15, 1889. Pope Benedict XVI named Father Damien a saint in 2009. He is considered the patron saint of outcasts and lepers.

Honesty, Integrity, Bridge-Building ~ Jane Garibay for House Kicks Off Campaign

Posted on April 20, 2018

Jane Garibay is pictured Thursday, April 19, 2018, with Neal Cunningham ~ former chair of the Windsor Locks Democrat Town Committee during the kick-off to her campaign for the 60th House District.

By Jacqueline Bennett


Honesty, Integrity, Common Sense & Bridge-Building. These are the hallmarks of the Jane Garibay for House campaign that kicked-off last evening at Bart’s restaurant in Windsor, CT. They are more than mere words to Garibay ~ honesty, integrity, common sense and bridge-building ~ are the standards by which Garibay lives her life and has conducted herself during years of public and community service, as attested to by a large turnout of supporters.


“I’m a bridge-builder,” said Garibay, a Democrat seeking the nomination to run for the 60th General Assembly District comprised of a part of Windsor and Windsor Locks.


“I am really excited to do this,” Garibay said, citing her background working for education and her knowledge of business. Speaking about the challenges facing small business, she noted, “I know how they bleed.”


Garibay was introduced to applause by Windsor Mayor Donald Trinks, owner and general manager of Bart’s restaurant. Creation of good jobs, healthcare needs, education, and special education are critical issues she pointed to, as well, she has cited taxes and transportation as key concerns.


Having served three terms as chairman of the Windsor Board of Education, 2001-2006, those who know Garibay are familiar with her ability to exercise detente in the face of contentious situations, bring together factions with differing views, work tenaciously and stand fast on issues when need be. As executive director of the Windsor Chamber of Commerce, a position she has held for 19 years, supporters added Garibay is in tune with the pulse of the people, infusing energy and fresh ideas into the community.

One of Jane Garibay’s youngest supporters, one-year-old Sadie and her mother Sally Grossman.


Enjoying refreshments at the kick-off.

Windsor, CT Mayor Donald Trinks introduces Garibay.


















Cheryl Curtis and Lisa Bress.

Carol Engelmann and former 60th District state rep Peggy Sayers.

Sharran Selig-Bennett (no relation to the writer) Laurie St. Jacques and Lisa Stewart.

Windsor, CT Mayor Don Trinks sets out a tray of chocolate chip cookies.











Jane Garibay’s husband Bernardo Garibay talks with Bill Herzfeld.


Patrick and Karen Hatcher turned out to back Jane Garibay.


Dr. Mike Stewart and Bernardo Garibay.

Michele and Bill Herzfeld with Rita Holby (center)

Maria Eberle and Karen Prestana.













Garibay says she had considered running for the seat before, but was motivated to toss her hat in the ring at this juncture because the timing feels right. She said she believes she can make a difference with the issues at hand. Given the political tenor of the times Garibay added she wants to help restore civility to politics.


“I admire her qualifications,” said Rosemary Hogan, chair of the Windsor Locks Democrat Town Committee, “She has a great background with the chamber of commerce, with education, and she has name recognition in Windsor.” Also turning out to back Garibay was former 60th district state representative Peggy Sayers, whom Garibay described as a “mentor.”


“Jane is thoughtful,” said Karen Hatcher of Windsor. She went on to praise Garibay for her experience addressing policy choices and expressed confidence that she will balance good choices for the district.


“I will always listen, ” Garibay told the crowd, promising to represent Windsor and Windsor Locks with equal ferocity. Bringing a touch of humor to the moment she added, “And I have a sister (Carol Engelmann) and a friend Sharran (Selig) who will also listen.”





*The 60th House District seat is currently held by first term Windsor Locks Republican Scott A. Storms, who is running for re-election. Kathleen Tracy of Windsor is also seeking the Democrat nomination to run. 

Boston Marathon’s Strong Field of American Women Apropos to the Times

Posted on April 16, 2018

One of earliest women runners in the Manchester Road Race in Manchester, CT wearing her gym suit to compete. From a Manchester Historical Society collection, photo taken by Reginald Pinto for the Manchester Herald.

By Jacqueline Bennett


We have come a long way since a mother worried her daughter ~ with sights on running the Boston Marathon ~ might not find a husband, since New York Marathon officials warned that distance running could cause a woman’s uterus to fall out, and since LIFE magazine ran a headline ~ “Tomboy Out On a Limb” ~ after a woman broke the gender barrier in the 1961 Manchester Road Race in Connecticut.


“The best American women’s field ever assembled for Monday’s annual 26.2 mile trek from Hopkinton to Boston,” as described by sportswriter Lori Riley of the Hartford Courant, will take its mark this morning at the Boston Marathon. No matter what, this field of women would be news in the sports world. As the saying goes though, “timing is everything,” and timing makes this field of elite women runners ~ news bigger than the race.


Apropos to the times, it is one more segment of society where American women are stepping up, speaking out and running to win. These are the times of the #metoo movement when women in thunderous voice are sounding off against sexual harassment in the workplace. These are the times when record numbers of women are expected to run for political office in the aftermath of the 2016 presidential election and accompanying concerns about the attitudes of powerful men towards women. As of January 2018, Emily’s List reported since the election of the sitting president, “more than 26,000 women have reached out about launching a campaign,” according to the And these are the times when an American woman could retake the title in the Boston Marathon.


Held on Patriot’s Day, the third Monday in April, the Boston Marathon is the nation’s oldest, and arguably most storied, annual marathon, begun in 1897. It is organized by the Boston Athletic Association.


Thirty-three years have passed since an American woman won the Boston Marathon. Today in Boston, the city considered to be the seat of American liberty, American women are real contenders. In a piece published April 11, 2018, Sports Illustrated noted reigning champ Edna Kiplagat of Kenya could take a back-to-back title. However, SI highlighted four American elite women runners, one of whom might well cross the finish line first. They are Marblehead, MA native Shalane Flanagan, Jordan Hasay, Desiree Linden and “pre-race favorite” Molly Huddle ~ with a respectful shout-out to 45-year-old Deena Kastor also slated to run this morning. And 45 is nothing. The Orange County Register reports that an 81-year-old woman and Ironman champion, Mickie Shapiro, will be one of the oldest runners on the course as part of Team Red Cross.


This year also marks the 5th anniversary of the Boston Marathon bombing. BostonStrong! Let us commend the courageous men and women who continue to compete, and remember those whose lives were forever changed that day. One such woman is Gillian Reny, who nearly lost her right leg in the bombing. Thanks to outstanding medical care, she did not. Now age 23, Reny went on to establish the “Gillian Reny Stepping Strong Fund” which has raised $11 million for trauma research and is now based at a center for trauma innovation in Boston’s Brigham and Women’s Hospital, as featured on NBC news.


Regardless of the outcome of today’s Boston Marathon the message of the times is loud and clear ~ ‘I am an American woman, hear me roar!’



4/17 Update: Desiree Linden of Michigan took first place for the women in the 2018 Boston Marathon.

Sam Deck Replaces Bud Deck at Fenway Park

Posted on April 11, 2018

Photo from ~ Sam Adams the official beer of Fenway Park.

By Jacqueline Bennett


The moral of this story: go up against a Founding Father of the United States and expect to lose.


Budweiser is one of the most popular beers in the U.S.. It’s Clydesdale draft horse wagons are legendary. And until recently, the right field roof deck at Fenway Park was known as the Bud Deck ~ announced by a large sign hanging above.


No longer. Sam Adams beer is now the official beer of Fenway Park and the “Sam Deck” has replaced the “Bud Deck.” The biggest change for fans is likely the sign change, according to


Seated on what was then the “Bud Deck” at Fenway Park.



I have fond recollections of the “Bud Deck” having sat there during a most memorable visit to Fenway on August 23, 2010. The Sox won that night, making the experience even sweeter.


Nonetheless, Samuel Adams was Boston born. “Sam Adams” helped spearhead the American Revolution and is considered the leader of the “Sons of Liberty” who orchestrated the Boston Tea Party in response to British taxation of the Stamp Act. Adams was a signer of the Declaration of Independence in 1776 and served as a delegate in the Continental Congress until 1781. Adams had inherited his father’s brewery located on what was King Street in Boston Proper ~ now State Street.


One of Adams most famous quotes, “The liberties of our country, the freedom of our civil constitution, are worth defending against all hazards. And, it is our duty to defend them against all attacks.” 


When Jim Koch and Rhonda Kallman established the Boston Beer Company, they are said to have chosen Sam Adams as their “flagship brand” to honor one of America’s most influential figures. notes that the partnership between Fenway Park and Sam Adams beer is described by Koch as a dream fulfilled. On the Sam Adams website the partnership is characterized as ” A Wicked Perfect Union.” 

Photo from ~ Sam Deck.


Photo from ~ Sam Deck.

In addition to lifting a mug of Fenway’s official beer up on the “Sam Deck” ( which is open for event scheduling) look for “experimental Sam Adams” brews at Fenway’s “Sammy’s on Third.” Aficionados of different beer brands will be pleased to know that they are slated to still be available at concession stands throughout the park. 


For fans of “Sam Adams” ~ cheers to that “wicked perfect union.”

“Mercury Retrograde” ~ Re-flect, Re-consider, Re-connect?

Posted on March 23, 2018



By Jacqueline Bennett


“Mercury Retrograde” is upon us, a good time say some online sites for anything that begins with “re” ~ re-flection, re-do’s, re-invention, re-consideration, re-connecting and perhaps re-tribution. Do not, warn “Mercury Retrograde” followers, schedule elective medical procedures, switch jobs, buy a house or car, start or end a relationship, or make any major decisions until after April 15th. Why? Last night on March 22 slightly after 7 p.m., the planet mercury entered retrograde or reverse motion, which will remain in effect through the 15th of April.


Mercury is not physically moving backwards but it appears to be from here on earth, an “optical illusion”says The planetary illusion has taken on a life of its own as the “Mercury Retrograde” phenomenon. Put forth by astrologers, a theory or superstition depending on one’s point of view, often blamed for misfortune and, or, weird occurrences for earth dwellers. It also includes a “pre and post” shadowing phase, that can be interpreted to mean strange or bad things may start happening on the approach to and departure of this planetary phase.  Some believers say “Mercury Retrograde” is fertile ground for “Murphy’s Law” which cautions that “anything that can go wrong will go wrong.” Murphy’s Law is an epigram, not an actual law. 


On the other hand notes, for those who have been DONE WRONG ~ thanks to the karma of
“Mercury Retrograde” ~ retribution may be on the horizon for the offenders.  


NASA describes Mercury as the “swiftest” of all the planets. Arguably, mercury has periodically entered retrograde since the beginning of the solar system. Due to the speed of mercury, two more retrograde phases are ahead in 2018,  7/25-8/19 and  11/17-12/6. 



Why all the fervor now? It seems there is renewed interest in astrology by the 18-24 year old crowd, many of whom according to an article in, think astrology is a science. Astrology, which is the study of movements of and relative positions of celestial objects used in part to explain human circumstances, has been traced back to the 2nd Millennium BCE. Most of us are likely familiar with astrological sun signs – I was born under the sign of Aries.


Scientists say astrology is not an actual science. Hum… there may be a ‘not actual’ pattern here. Nevertheless, why tempt fate?


What ~re~ will you be doing during “Mercury Retrograde.?”




Survey Says : Windsor Feud Marks Successful 15th Anniversary

Posted on March 7, 2018

Host Jerry Wistrom quizzes team contestants from St. Gabriel School and Windsor Federal Savings.

Article & Photos by Jacqueline Bennett


Maplecraft/Northwest Park team left to right – sporting a woodman’s hat is Carol Engelmann joined by Jen Flier and Charles Corey (dressed as a maple syrup bucket.)


An evening of fun and fundraising marked the 15th anniversary of the Windsor Feud held Saturday, March 3 at the Windsor, Connecticut town hall. Based on the popular television game show, Family Feud, teams from area businesses and civic groups participated in the friendly competition organized by the Windsor Chamber of Commerce with team Hampton Inn named the 2018 champs.


Through pledges, the event raises money for numerous WCofC community, education and business programs. According to Jane Garibay, executive director of the WCofC, as of March 7 a tally showed the event had raised $7,000.


“Still rallying up,” added Garibay.



Inside the town hall, council chambers was transformed into a realistic replica of the T.V. show. Garibay said – on a volunteer basis and motivated purely by the enjoyment of the task and assisting with the event – the set was designed and built by Gary Dowgewicz with help from Bill Karlon and his wife Allyssa.


Competing teams turned out dressed in creative costumes. That included a faux U.S. Olympic Curling Team. which proceeded to offer a comical demonstration of how the sport works (the actual U.S. team won a gold medal in the recent winter Olympics.)

Paula Pierce playing in the Fast Money round.



Ten teams competed in the Windsor Feud which ran from from 5:30 p.m.- 9 p.m – Windsor Federal Savings, St. Gabriel School, Kiwanis, Diamond Club Coaches, Union Street Tavern, WCofC, Hampton Inn, Hollywood Suites, Maplecraft Foods/Northwest Park. Teams taking home trophies were: Smartest – Hampton Inn; Richest -St. Gabriel School: Best theme – Hollywood Suites: Honorable Mentions – Maplecraft/NorthwestPark & Kiwanis Club.


Jerry Wistrom, who has served as host since the first Windsor Feud, was praised for displaying wit and charm in performing his duties. He noted the event keeps getting better every year.


For those who may not be familiar with the game, 100 people are are surveyed with various queries and the feud players are later asked to guess the most frequent answers. The more correct responses given by contestants, the more corresponding points are earned by their team. Whichever team wins the most points then sends two contestants to the Fast Money round.


“It’s harder than it looks,” said Father John Melnick of the St. Gabriel’s School team.


Survey number one asked players to “name something for which people want quick relief.” The top response – headache – followed by heartburn, stomachache, back pain, debt, toothache and a cold. Another survey wanted to know about,”Something that Ireland is famous for.” Among the things that popped into the minds of feud competitors: shamrocks/clover, whiskey, leprechauns, the Blarney Stone, potatoes and the color green.


Jane Garibay and Paula Pierce of the Windsor Chamber of Commerce interview Father John Melnick from the St. Gabriel School team during a break in the competition.


The local community cable station WIN-TV broadcast the Windsor Feud and it also streamed on – some players took the chance to say hello to family and friends watching from as far away as Colorado and Florida. The fun was not limited to the on-camera answers but extended to a full house in the audience where some were grooving to the piped-in sounds of Earth, Wind & Fire, during the breaks when new teams took to the podiums.


It was during those breaks that Garibay and WCofC member Paula Pierce accepted phone-in pledges and interviewed contestants. During an interview with Father John Melnick, St. Gabriel school’s designation as a Blue Ribbon school was cited.


Seven of the ten teams raised more than $400. The amounts above $400 will be donated to charities of their choice.


Go to  to learn more about WCofC events and activities.