Arrangement of dried lavender.

African Violet

By Jacqueline Bennett


For some time I had my eye on a beautiful milk bottle vase. When I spotted fresh arrangements of dried lavender at a floral shop last week, I knew they would make ideal companions.


Even the sound of the word “lavender” is soothing. Thus, it makes sense that studies have shown essential lavender oils and lavender scent may reduce anxiety, insomnia, depression and restlessness. Some studies suggest lavender is useful as an anti-septic and anti-inflammatory. *** However, lavender is not FDA approved for medicinal purposes ~ be sure to check with a physician about the use of any essential oils for health purposes! Lavender is also well-known as an ingredient in beauty products such as fragrance, shampoo, skin care. According to, lavender symbolizes purity, devotion, grace and calmness.


That noted, it is such a pretty herb/plant, visually pleasing. Aromatic lavender has a gentle scent and can add the perfect accent of soft COLOR to a space. At the moment, I have mine on the dining room table which is covered by a white lace tablecloth. With spring just around the corner, I’m looking forward to perusing Home Depot and Lowe’s nurseries for lavender plants. Among the most popular species of lavender are English & French, which vary in sprig size and longevity. Lavender farms make for a pleasant destination, there is one in Harwich up on The Cape (Cape Cod, MA) and one closer to home in Tolland, CT. , Lavender Hill Farm.


Turning to one of my favorite sources, The Old Farmer’s Almanac (established in 1792) ~ African violets, a tropical plant, thrive in lower, indirect light. It is best to keep the soil slightly moist, watering this small houseplant with room temperature water, from the bottom. Online sources concur that humidity is “vital to the health of African Violets.” They do grow with white flowers but my preference is purple or blue for yet another pretty splash of COLOR in a space. African violets have fuzzy leaves and it is best to use a small soft brush for dusting. They are symbolic of beauty, pain & struggle, says Happy almost spring everyone …