Brown’s Harvest in Windsor, CT hosting its 3rd annual Sunflower Festival the weekend of August 15th-16th photo by Jacqueline Bennett


Write-up & Photos By Jacqueline Bennett


Sunflowers, sunflowers everywhere ….  With so many events cancelled due to the COVID pandemic , here’s one that is still on ~ the 3rd Annual Sunflower Festival at Brown’s Harvest in Windsor Connecticut. It ran two weekends, including through 4 p.m. today ~ Sunday, August 16th.. Tickets are available upon arrival.


Brown’s Harvest is a fourth generation farm that soon enough will have pumpkins galore on hand but presently they are bringing ‘sunshine’ to those who stop by to see multiple variations of sunflowers they planted. At $5 for the younger ones and $17 for adults you can venture into the sunflower field and of course bring one home. Everywhere one looks the sunflower motif can be seen and after months of cloistering indoors it seems so nice to be outside enjoying such an uplifting sight. Per requirement of Connecticut Gov. Lamont, visitors are required to wear masks but they can be momentarily slipped off for photo ops. Speaking of which, for professional photo opportunities such as wedding pics, a site fee is being charged..


In addition to the field of sunflowers, hay rides are available. As well there is live music, food trucks, vendors and local artists have some interesting sunflower sculptures to view.