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I’m Involved in an Ongoing Love Affair ….

Posted on November 18, 2014

Essay by Jacqueline Bennett       I am involved in an ongoing love affair … with sweaters. Spring sweaters, summer sweaters, autumn sweaters – and most of all – thick, warm, winter sweaters. From late September to March these woolen companions sit, carefully folded, coddled if you will, inside the armoire in my bedroom waiting for their turns to shelter me from the cold New England weather. I would venture to guess that my sweaters have minimal monetary value yet I treasure them.   Some have been with me for years. Some were given to me as gifts. Some called out to me from store shelves. I can remember specific sweaters I’ve worn at given times.   There’s the deep brown, tan and creme…

A Life Well-Lived – Happy Birthday Mom!

Posted on January 12, 2014

By Jacqueline Bennett newsandviewsjb Happy Birthday Mom! Some of us were reminiscing yesterday about the big birthday celebration we had for my mother at Shea’s American in January 2010. Just months later in December of that year she passed away. The party turned out to be not only a source of tremendous joy for her but also a lasting gift for the family – a treasured memory to keep – the final time we all gathered together with her the way we had so often over the years.   Wearing a yellow rose corsage, her favorite flower, adorned with seven yellow roses representing her seven children, she was on top of the world that day. There was a large turnout and the buffet was…

Birthday Cakes & Other Pleasant Surprises

Posted on July 2, 2013

Speaking of birthday cakes which I did in my previous post has gotten me thinking about life’s pleasant surprises. Recently, one of mine was a birthday cake homemade by my nephew’s wife Melane when we all went up to the New Hamsphire Maple Weekend in March. Yes – homemade and delicious! It took me completely by surprise. That has prompted a positive stream of consciousness for me as I pondered some other pleasant surprises in my life – a kiss in a silo, an off-key serenade from a boy in college, a handmade beaded necklace from my nieces, a congratulatory note from my sister, a note from my dad on my sixteenth birthday, a watermelon boat my sister-in-law made for a surprise party my family…