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A Life Well-Lived – Happy Birthday Mom!

Posted on January 12, 2014

By Jacqueline Bennett newsandviewsjb Happy Birthday Mom! Some of us were reminiscing yesterday about the big birthday celebration we had for my mother at Shea’s American in January 2010. Just months later in December of that year she passed away. The party turned out to be not only a source of tremendous joy for her but also a lasting gift for the family – a treasured memory to keep – the final time we all gathered together with her the way we had so often over the years.   Wearing a yellow rose corsage, her favorite flower, adorned with seven yellow roses representing her seven children, she was on top of the world that day. There was a large turnout and the buffet was…

Remembering Mom One Year After Her Passing

Posted on December 1, 2011

Remembering Mom One Year After Her Passing By: Jacqueline Cecelia Bennett One year ago today my mother died. It has felt like a long year without her while seeming just like yesterday that she passed away. Those of us who loved her take solace in knowing that Mom/Nana/Cecelia lived a full, rich life. In August of 2010 we went up to Fenway Park to see her beloved Red Sox. Her father was a professional athlete who played baseball and boxed. His dream was to make it to the majors and play for “The Sox,” so Mom’s loyality to the team ran deep. In fact, loyalty was one of her most salient characteristics, so too with my dad. They both could always be depended upon…