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Weather Postpones 2015 Hartford St. Patrick’s Day Parade to March 21

Posted on March 14, 2015

Write-up & Photos by Jacqueline Bennett   Due to the forecast of cold, rainy weather, and possible early morning icing, the 44th Annual Hartford St. Patrick’s Day Parade – originally to be held today – has been rescheduled to March 21.   One of the most popular and delightful events to take place each year in Connecticut’s capital city, the St. Patrick’s Day Parade typically attracts tens of thousands of spectators and is a boon to the local economy.   Sponsored by the Central Connecticut Celtic Cultural Committee, the committee posted a statement on their website: “The goal of the Greater Hartford St. Patrick’s Day Parade Committee is to produce a quality event that celebrates the heritage of Connecticut’s Irish and Irish Americans and that…

I’m Involved in an Ongoing Love Affair ….

Posted on November 18, 2014

Essay by Jacqueline Bennett       I am involved in an ongoing love affair … with sweaters. Spring sweaters, summer sweaters, autumn sweaters – and most of all – thick, warm, winter sweaters. From late September to March these woolen companions sit, carefully folded, coddled if you will, inside the armoire in my bedroom waiting for their turns to shelter me from the cold New England weather. I would venture to guess that my sweaters have minimal monetary value yet I treasure them.   Some have been with me for years. Some were given to me as gifts. Some called out to me from store shelves. I can remember specific sweaters I’ve worn at given times.   There’s the deep brown, tan and creme…