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American Pharoah Triple Crown Victory – A Race Dad Would Have Enjoyed

Posted on June 7, 2015

Reflection by Jacqueline Bennett   At the risk of sounding perpetually sentimental, I couldn’t help but think of my father yesterday when American Pharoah won the Triple Crown in thoroughbred horse racing at the 147th Belmont Stakes. So many elements kept bringing my thoughts back to Dad.   With an opening salvo for the playing of Frank Sinatra’s “New York, New York”, the one and half mile long Belmont took place in Elmont, New York one day after the anniversary of my father’s June 5th birthday. My dad was originally from Upstate New York. He grew up on Sunny Crest Farm with a sable of horses on the property and an accomplished equestrian for a mother, so he very much appreciated these fine…

“Big Johnny Always Said” – A Father’s Day Memory

Posted on June 8, 2014

By Jacqueline Bennett  Years after my father’s death he is still quoted on virtually a daily basis by his children and grandchildren – affectionately known to his grand kids as “Big Johnny.” “Big Johnny always said, ‘Buy American.’”  “Big Johnny always said, ‘Never cross a picket line.’”   “Big Johnny always said, ‘Tip well, treat service sector workers with respect.’”  “Dad always said, ‘Put your emergency brake on before putting your vehicle in park to take pressure off the transmission.’” “Dad always said, ‘Turn your tires curbside out when parking.’” “Big Johnny/Dad always said, ‘Put your head up, your shoulders back and remember who you are.’” The list goes on, however, the latter is at the foundation of who he was, how we…