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“Riders Mount Your Horses” – Why is Kentucky Derby Day Special?

Posted on May 6, 2017

By Jacqueline Bennett   Even for those who do not typically follow horse races, the Kentucky Derby is an exception. First held in Louisville, Kentucky at Churchill Downs on May 17, 1875, it may well be the most storied Thoroughbred race in American History. The quality of the horses that compete in the Kentucky Derby is a major aspect of what makes it so special. It is not easy to obtain a berth in this race which is described as the longest running sports event in the United States. Aptly, the Kentucky Derby is characterized as “iconic.”    And, every horse has a story…   Today the 143rd running of the Kentucky Derby will take place. Which magnificent 3-year old will come away…

“Big Johnny Always Said” – A Father’s Day Memory

Posted on June 8, 2014

By Jacqueline Bennett  Years after my father’s death he is still quoted on virtually a daily basis by his children and grandchildren – affectionately known to his grand kids as “Big Johnny.” “Big Johnny always said, ‘Buy American.’”  “Big Johnny always said, ‘Never cross a picket line.’”   “Big Johnny always said, ‘Tip well, treat service sector workers with respect.’”  “Dad always said, ‘Put your emergency brake on before putting your vehicle in park to take pressure off the transmission.’” “Dad always said, ‘Turn your tires curbside out when parking.’” “Big Johnny/Dad always said, ‘Put your head up, your shoulders back and remember who you are.’” The list goes on, however, the latter is at the foundation of who he was, how we…