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Expect Pepper & Promise At My Place

Posted on May 2, 2017

By Jacqueline Bennett     My morning began as it usually does, at the computer either writing an article or researching a story. About an hour into it, I stopped to prepare and cook some fresh vegetables for the day – broccoli and carrots. My nieces Debbie and Donna and my nephew’s wife Melane are all fabulous in the kitchen, and my sister Candy is becoming so – although time was when what she made best were reservations.   Truth be told, however, I’m not much of a cook. When it comes to cooking I have more in common with my niece Jillian who is fond of saying, “If I’m cooking, it IS a headline.” Actually, I am more at ease writing this piece…

Crullers – A New England Favorite

Posted on April 20, 2017

By Jacqueline Bennett   Crullers are a New England favorite. In fact, speculation is they have been part of the New England menu since the days of the Pilgrims. Now considered to be of the donut genre, it is interesting that the English settlers were so fond of crullers when as it turns out the origin of the name is Dutch – kruller, meaning to curl.   And curled or twisted they are, that is true crullers. Deep fried dough pastry. Imposters can be found at donut shops that shall remain nameless, but a flat appearance, often not thoroughly cooked dough and bland flavor are giveaways.   All that twisting apparently makes authentic crullers “labor intensive” thus explaining why they are becoming more…

Enjoy the Nevers Park Walking Trails

Posted on April 7, 2017

Article & Photos by Jacqueline Bennett   Prepare to smile, nod or say hello to everyone you pass along the walking/hiking trails at Nevers Park in South Windsor, Connecticut. Greetings for all are an unwritten code here.   The 137 acre multi-generational park has three stone dust trails of different distances, A, B & C. The longest trail is the most wooded. Each one is mapped out for visitors on a sign in the lower parking lot.   Located on the corner of Sand Hill and Nevers Road the park is directly across the road from the South Windsor Police Station and behind South Windsor High School. It is a popular and typically active recreational spot which also has a Rotary Pavilion available…

Centennial Commemoration U.S. Entrance Into World War I

Posted on April 6, 2017

Write-Up by Jacqueline Bennett   Today, April 6, 2017, marks 100 years since the United States joined the World War I fight “over there”. Titled “In Sacrifice for Liberty & Peace”, the National Centennial Commemoration of the Entry into WWI by the United States will be hosted in Kansas City, Missouri at the National World War I Museum. The anniversary has special meaning for me because my Great Uncle Frank Sheedy served in World War I. This past Veterans Day, Nov. 11, 2016, I wrote about Great Uncle Frank in a newsandviewsjb post.       Uncle Frank was a modest man who would be the first to say he need not have a fuss made over him. Nonetheless, it is for those…

Destination: “Ninety 99 Nine” Restaurants in Westerly, R.I. – Etc.

Posted on March 29, 2017

Write-up and Photos By Jacqueline Bennett    Among the “Ninety 99 Nine Restaurants” where I have eaten my favorite is in Westerly, Rhode Island. What makes this one so special? Location, location, location.   Immediately across the road from the highway connector that enables beachgoers to bypass downtown Westerly and head directly to Misquamicut State Beach and the Westerly Beaches, the restaurant has easy access off Airport Road. It is about three miles from the shoreline, which off-season is barely a ten minute drive but much longer during the summer when traffic is backed-up.   Best described as a “pub chain serving American fare”, regardless of their location the “99 Restaurants” where I’ve been have similar layouts – two sides for dining, a bar,…

Hashtag the Confetti Douse a Better Idea

Posted on March 28, 2017

Commentary by Jacqueline Bennett   Hashtag the #confettidouse a #betteridea.   Oregon Ducks Men’s Basketball Coach Dana Altman was ‘doused’ with a bucket of team colored confetti March 25, after their victory during the Elite 8 of the 2017 NCAA Tournament. The Ducks now head to the men’s Final Four.   Let me add my voice to those who champion the confetti douse over Gatorade showers, or the other cold liquid dousing coaches have been taking since the mid-1980’s.   “If God had intended for coaches to endure Gatorade showers, they would have been born with slickers on the headphones,” Stan Stillman wrote in a piece titled, “Enough with the Gatorade Dousing”, published January 2, 2011 by   “Confetti is just the…

Destination: Starbucks in Simsbury, Connecticut

Posted on March 10, 2017

  Write-Up & Photos by Jacqueline Bennett   With snow falling outside, part of winter 2016/2017’s last stand here in the Northeast, today is ideal to find a cozy spot and partake in a last hot chocolate of the season or another warm beverage. Should you find your way to Connecticut’s Farmington Valley, a perfect place to take shelter from the cold is Starbucks in Simsbury.     What makes this such a good choice for warming up with a cup of Joe while a chill is still in the air?   The Simsbury Starbucks boasts of not one, but two fireplaces. A fireplace is situated on each side of the restaurant. The space nearby is typically prime seating and almost always full,…