Her daughter Candy's no-salt, crockpot simmered, fresh vegetable soup has been added to Mom's Recipe Box.

Her daughter Candy’s no-salt, crockpot simmered, fresh vegetable soup has been added to Mom’s Recipe Box.



Candy’s No-Salt Crockpot Simmered Fresh Vegetable Soup



Soup is the ultimate comfort food. Unfortunately, most store-bought or restaurant soups are loaded with sodium. In an effort to still be able to partake of one of the most enjoyable of all food selections but in a healthier way, my sister Candy decided to experiment and create her own no-salt, crockpot simmered, fresh vegetable soup.












She found Swanson’s no-salt broth at the Stop & Shop supermarket, then picked out fresh cabbage, carrots, zucchini, yellow squash, celery, broccoli, onions, and green pepper. From there it was a matter of peeling and chopping. Homemade soup can pretty much be flavored with whatever seasonings are desired. Candy chose pepper, oregano, parsley and thyme, using a light touch with each one. The soup was simmered on high for six hours then reduced to low before serving.



It’s a learning curve, she noted. Next time she plans to add cauliflower to the mix, as well as, white rice and chucks of 99 percent fat free and pre-cooked chicken (which she considered using in this first batch), and possibly try some different spices. For a first attempt at homemade no-salt soup, however, Candy said everyone, including herself, was quite pleased with the results. –¬†JB




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