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LeAnn Rimes Renditions of National Anthem Outstanding

Posted on February 4, 2013 Some are heralding a “bluesy” rendition of the USA national anthem “devoid of lip-syncing or lyric flubs” at yesterday’s Super Bowl game in New Orleans. My preference is a couple of outstanding performances of the “Star-Spangled Banner” delivered by country artist LeAnn Rimes. One in 2004, aptly described as “stunning”, was before the start of a NFL Patriots/Colts game and another in 2011 at the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament. Both are available on YouTube. Meanwhile, the Sandy Hook Chorus performance of “America the Beautiful” at Super Bowl XLVII, accompanied by Jennifer Hudson, rocked the Superdome. Kudos!

Anchor Tangle Delays OpSail CT 2012 Parade of Sail Arrival in Final Port – New London

Posted on July 10, 2012

  Story & Photos by Jacqueline Bennett newsandviewsjb An unexpected snafu delayed the arrival of OpSail CT 2012 Parade of Sail on July 7, into its final port in New London, Connecticut. Expected to arrive around 10 a.m., the holdup left folks who had turned out early that morning to secure a shoreline vantage point, waiting an extra hour and a half under intense sun and in sweltering heat wondering what went awry. Some gave up and left. According to The Day of New London, the anchor chain for the U.S. Coast Guard Barque Eagle got tangled. Fortunately, the paper noted, the crew was able to untangle it allowing the Eagle as planned, and with Connecticut Gov. Dannel Malloy on board, to lead the…