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New England Back in the Deep Freeze

Posted on January 24, 2014

By: Jacqueline Bennett newsandviewsjb (Update – snow showers expected this weekend) Polar vortex has become part of everyday vocabulary across the United States and its effects have put New England and other regions back in the deep freeze. Following a brief reprieve from previous frigid blasts, in recent days temperatures here in Connecticut have been hovering in the low double to single digits with predictions of sub-zero readings to come – and COLD temperatures will stay- into the foreseeable future. Three waves of Artic air are headed for New England, according to “Into the first part of next week the polar vortex will hover just north of the United States border causing waves of frigid air to blast into the Midwest and much of the…

Hoping for a January Rebound

Posted on January 11, 2014

Having been under the weather – no pun intended- for a few weeks, my energy level has been at an ebb. Typically, I would have been out and about snapping photos of the polar vortex’s impact on New England and sharing that information here. However, I channeled my energy into my work – which by the way included a very pleasant interview with Vladimir Petrenko. Now a skating coach in Connecticut, he is a former competitive figure skater himself and the brother of Olympic gold medalist Viktor Petrenko.   I did take some blog pics on January 2 just as a substantive snowstorm was getting underway following an already moderate snowfall – both coupled with sub-zero and single digit temperatures brought on by what…