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Destination: Hometown Kitchen at the Plaza in Somers, Connecticut

Posted on October 20, 2016

Write-Up & Photos by Jacqueline Bennett   Hometown Kitchen is aptly named. Tucked inside Southfield Corners Plaza in Somers, Connecticut it is the kind of restaurant best known to locals. In fact, I first ate here a number of years ago when it was called Kathy’s Playhouse because it was a favorite stop for one of my brothers, F.W. and his wife, who were both teachers in a nearby town.       What brings me back is the scrumptious pumpkin bread which I was told by a waitress is still homemade by her sister, the former owner. Moist, flavorful and so popular it is sold by the loaves, it is as tasty as the pumpkin bread that used to be served at…

Off the Beaten Path – Cold Spring Farm in Colchester, Connecticut

Posted on October 16, 2015

Write-Up & Photos by Jacqueline Bennett   Perched on a bend atop Town Road in Colchester, Connecticut is Cold Spring Farm. It is no surprise that this spot which peers towards East Haddam has a pretty view. Nestled in the countryside, the farm has a quaint atmosphere.   Inside a petite cottage, a row of short scarecrows on sticks stand guard by the front window near a ledger where customer purchases are recorded.       Pumpkins which currently take center stage at this small farm stand, sit side by side on wooden shelves in front of a typically New England style stone wall. The price is jotted on each pumpkin. There are also miniature gourds from which to choose.      …