Joe Hackett, co-owner of Sandpiper Air on Nantucket – a.k.a actor Tim Daly. Photos from Facebook Mill Creek Entertainment..

By Jacqueline Bennett


Where is Joe Hackett when you need him ?


I try never to say “never”, but I do NOT like to fly. About the only plane I can imagine myself boarding is Sandpiper Air piloted by handsome Joe Hackett ( who must be wearing his leather bomber jacket) en route to Hyannis, The Vineyard or Nantucket’s Tom Nevers Field airport. 


As real as Hyannis, Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket are (some of my favorite places) ~ for those who may not remember, sensible yet intriguing Joe (who is a big New England sports fan and himself a former scholastic baseball and football player), Sandpiper and Nevers Field are fictional, existing in the world of the 1990’s sitcom “Wings.” So you can see how unlikely it is that I will be flying. 


Having decided to write this piece I researched Joe Hackett, a.k.a actor Tim Daly. Turns out Daly was graduated from Bennington College in Vermont with a BA in theatre and literature. No wonder he was able to depict the New England demeanor so well !


With some family members now living on the West Coast I am pleased, very pleased actually, to think they would like me to come visit. Nonetheless, I like my feet on the ground; travelling cross-country by train or car seems to be too much.


A native New Englander, I enjoy getting behind the wheel of a SUV and taking in the glorious New England states. The writer/photographer in me loves snapping photos and of course the allure of a story or two I may encounter …


As for Joe Hackett, at least if we went down my demise would include destinations I adore & ~ last, but far from least ~ a very handsome pilot.