Chocolate Mint Plant in a vase.

Article & Photos by Jacqueline Bennett


When Windsor, Connecticut’s Jane Garibay put up a post saying she had an abundance of chocolate mint plant growing in her yard if anyone was interested in some, I was intrigued. Never before had I heard of chocolate mint plant.


After a bit of research I thought it would make an interesting topic for one of my floral/plant pieces on newsandviewsjb. A sensory experience! The aroma is just as described ~ reminiscent of the “classic Girl Scout cookies.”


According to, it is common for chocolate mint plants to grow rampant. So much so that if you desire, you may want to “tuck it in a pot to curtail its wandering ways.” That’s my plan.


Jane had an abundance of chocolate mint plant growing in her yard and offered to share.


I plan to “plant” a portion of the stems with soil in a pot for my Potter’s’ Bench on the back patio. Also, I have placed a few stems in a small vase indoors. Fragrant and pretty too.


In ground soil, chocolate mint is said to thrive when positioned near water gardens or in moist soil. It is said to favor partial shade but will still grow in full sunlight. A bonus, chocolate mint plant is known as a natural way to chase away pesky insects. Typically, it will survive a light frost. Perfect, because with autumn around the corner a light frost is surely not far behind.