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Beach walking? Besides cute shorts remember sunscreen, lip salve, etc.

It is that time of year when thoughts turn to the shoreline, sandy beaches, rolling waves, the sweet fragrance of tanning lotion and … a quest for the perfect swimsuit. Beaches, however, are more than a place to sunbath and swim, they are terrific for walking.



This may be the summer for a mindset change. Replace the angst of finding the perfect swimsuit with picking out cute pairs of shorts, then head for Hammonasset’s East Beach with a walk in mind. Even if one is not laying out on a beach towel soaking up the rays, it is still important to wear sunscreen and lip salve for beach walking. Don’t forget sunglasses to protect those baby blues or browns. A cap is also a good idea.



Looking out over Long Island Sound.



Hammonasset Beach State Park in Madison, Connecticut offers hiking/walking trails and a boardwalk, both are great walking venues. Nevertheless, there is appeal to the feel of sand between the toes, and the tide lightly swirling around one’s ankles while walking a stretch at East Beach – one of a number of Hammonasset beach areas that span two miles on Long Island Sound. 


Near the entrance to East Beach.




Make walking the idea behind a trip to the sandy shores and enjoy an abundance of benefits. Not limited to Hammonasset, a beach walk is a chance to breath in the salt air. It is a chance to collect a treasure trove of shells. It is a chance to trade in a hum drum treadmill and drink in some of the the most gorgeous scenery on heaven and earth. As well, beach walks are good cardiovasular workouts that do not feel like exercise.




According to http://www.discoverwalking.com:

  • Beach walking requires more effort than walking on hard surfaces
  • At the same time, sand provides a natural cushion for the feet and joints
  • Slower walking as feet sink into the sand requires more effort than fast walking or jogging on hard surfaces
  • Beach walking is so relaxing that people tend to walk longer distances
  • It is an opportunity to take in natural vitamin D
  • It can be emotionally grounding – a connection to nature
  • Calorie burn is 20-50 percent more than on hard surfaces
  • It is okay to walk barefoot for a certain distance notes Discoverwalking.com but proper walking gear should be used for lenghty walks


Consider a couple more pluses to beach walking. There is no need for a forecast of bright sunshine and temperatures of 80 degrees or higher, to make the trip to the shoreline worthwhile. Another plus, pull on a sweatshirt and let beach walks be more than just a summer fling – they can become late spring and early autumn adventures.


(Look for more stories about walkable beaches to come.)