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From UConn website

From UConn website

One hundred straight wins – how about putting the University of Connecticut Women’s Basketball team on the U.S. $100 dollar bill?


Admittedly, this suggestion comes from a proud University of Connecticut alumna. Nonetheless, it is an idea deserving of consideration.


After all, the amazing 100th victory run is simply the latest of years of remarkable accomplishments by strong, young women in the UConn basketball program. Last night, before a home crowd at packed Gampel Pavilon on the Storrs campus, top- ranked UConn delivered that 100th win milestone by defeating no. 6 South Carolina, 66-55. 

A full house at Gampel 2/13/2017 when for UConn Women's Basketball.

From UConn website – A full house at Gampel 2/13/2017.



A great article on the UConn website listed “100 Things To Know About the 100th Win.” Here’s a few interesting points listed in that article : the game was covered by the New York Times, Newsday, SNY, CBS News, NBC News and more; former UConn standout Kara Wolters just a day before was inducted into the Women’s Basketball Hall of Fame; and Head Coach Geno Auriemma made yet another national appearance, this one on “Good Morning America”, to speak about yet another outstanding accomplishment by the UConn women.



Not only have the UConn women brought home multiple national titles but they have taken fans on thrilling rides catapulting women’s college basketball – really women’s college sports – into the national spotlight. Perhaps most importantly, concurrently with their basketball achievements the UConn women have been role models for little girls, helping them to believe they are worthy of an equal chance in the athletic arena and beyond. 


Could there be a better time to recognize these women as representative of some of the best of our nation? We stand at a juncture when women’s voices are joining together to speak out about women’s value – accompanied by voices of intelligent, supportive men. 


Yes, we have come a long way baby!  Surely, one of our most accomplished forefathers – Ben Franklin – would not mind sharing a spot on the $100 bill with the UConn women, symbolizing excellence in the nation and our country’s commitment to the continued forward movement of women.   


Ah yes, a girl, that is – a woman– can dream.