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By Jacqueline Bennett newsandviewsjb.com


A message from National Day Calendar declaring today – February 12 – as National Plum Pudding Day was waiting in my e-mail inbox this morning. Immediately I thought of a post I had written which featured my Great-Grandmother Reeve’s recipe for Plum Pudding. That post was part of my Mom’s Recipe Box Family Series from two years ago.


Here’s the link to that story



Photo from the Food Network.

Photo from the Food Network.


As is true of so many recipes they represent much more. In this case, my great- grandmother’s plum pudding recipe provides a direct connection to the Bennett’s English heritage, which was talked about among the family over the years as we poured through old family photo albums, and has since been traced by one of my nephews. In fact, among my mother’s nicknames for my father was “Johnnybull” – once a “personification” of the United Kingdom that became a moniker for the English.


I recall when I was a child, Plum Pudding was always served as a dessert at Christmas – it is known too as Christmas Pudding or Plum Duff, notes National Day Calendar. Though I must admit I did not try it. As a youngster, the dark, thick cake chockfull of dried fruit did not appeal to me. About the only appealing aspect was the white frosting drizzled on top – but that was not enough to get me to indulge. Now, I wish I had tasted the recipe as prepared by elder family members, who have since passed.


In researching Plum Pudding, I discovered it dates back to 17th Century England and Ireland and was brought to American shores by British emigrants. An especially fun discovery is that there are superstitions associated with this dessert. My favorite is a version of one reiterated by National Day Calendar …

In England traditionally every person in the home holds onto the wooden spoon together to help stir the batter. While they are stirring they also have to make a wish.”


Who would not want another chance to make a dream come true? So why not adapt this superstition and make a wish today – after all, it is National Plum Pudding Day!