Cloaked for the first frost.

Uncloaked a day before.

Uncloaked a day before.

Write-Up & Photos by Jacqueline Bennett newsandviewsjb.com


Connecticut’s first frost of autumn 2016 arrived last night which meant covering the outdoor plants and pumpkins. According to the howtogardener.com the first frost of the season is distinguished from the first freeze by temperature.


When temperatures are predicted to drop to 36 degrees F or below, prepare for the first frost which can kill plants left outside. Following the first fall frost, the first freeze – 32 degrees F or below – typically arrives about two weeks later, notes howtogardener.com.




Even hardy mums need some TLC -tender loving care- when the nights become slightly more than what New Englanders refer to as crisp. Light cloth is all that is required to protect the vegetation.





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The National Climate Data Center collects information about first frosts and first freezes from 5,800 weather monitoring stations throughout the United States. Based on data from the past 30 years they can offer an estimate of when each will likely occur in areas across the country. Simply visit http://www.gotogardener.com and plug in the local zip code.

Mom's cloth remnants.

Mom’s cloth remnants.





(Writer’s note: Thanks to remnants that belonged to my mother, I had plenty of cloth pieces from which to choose. Pretty too.)