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Article & Photos by Jacqueline Bennett newsandviewsjb.com


With the exception of one luncheon last November, a turkey dinner that was excellent, most of my visits to Sadler’s Ordinary in Marlborough, Connecticut have involved French Toast, Eggs and Bacon or Sausage from their Sunday Brunch menu, once again excellent. Yesterday’s reservation, however, was a combination celebration of my birthday and Easter dinner.


010009First came a bread basket with Sadler’s fresh and delicious, homemade raisin bread (loaves are available to take home from their bakery counter). Baked Scallops was my entree choice. Served with almond slices speckled white rice, butternut squash, green beans and a lemon wedge, the succulent scallops topped with parmesan cracker crumbs were simply divine. Everyone else in our party ordered traditional Easter Ham, that also came with butternut squash and green beans but a baked potato and sour cream instead of rice. Those dinners looked great and I’m told tasted quite fabulous – moist, easy to cut ham baked to perfection then crowned by Cumberland Sauce – an English sauce highlighting red currant jelly, citrus and port wine.




011One person in our group also ordered Lobster Bisque, another board special which was said to be good but missing large chucks of lobster served elsewhere. No menu desserts were selected on this day because a lovely decorated cake was brought along complete with a musical candle holder that played “Happy Birthday”! Very nice.


016It is a pleasant drive to reach Sadler’s which is located off Route 2, in an older house in one of Connecticut’s many quaint towns. Colored Easter eggs were hidden outdoors in the bushes while inside touches of Easter decorations could be seen throughout the restaurant. As well, a bundle of community newspapers was situated by the door and free for the taking.


Another “thumbs up” experience at Sadler’s!