Reflection by Jacqueline Bennett


With the recent passing of Glenn Frey, a founding member of The Eagles, I was interested in seeing a planned tribute to him at the 58th Grammy Awards televised last evening. I was fortunate enough to have attended The Eagles “Hell Freezes Over” concert tour stop at the Meadows Music Theatre in Hartford, Connecticut in 1996.


We had fabulous seats near the stage and it was one of those nights when one could feel the magic in the air – knowing it was a chance to be part of cultural and musical country rock history. For so many, growing up Eagle songs were part of the backdrop of our lives. That night in Hartford, the band did not disappoint. They performed their many hits and then dominated the stage with a group guitar solo which included Frey – such a display of talent.


Last night, the Eagles joined by Jackson Browne, delivered again with an emotional rendition of “Take It Easy” – bittersweet. There is something profoundly sad for me to think Frey will never again take the stage to sing lead vocals on this song.


“You may lose or you may win but you’ll never be here again …..”