Courtesy photo - Winter in New England 2014-2015.

Courtesy photo – Winter in New England 2014-2015.

Write-Up by Jacqueline Bennett


Unseasonably warm temperatures have New Englanders worrying aloud that a “White Christmas” may elude the northeastern region of the United States this year. Ever since crooner Bing Crosby sang the Irving Berlin tune, “White Christmas” in the film “Holiday Inn”, it has been an anthem of the Christmas season.


After “Holiday Inn” was released in 1942, American service members deployed abroad to fight in World War II are said to have requested to hear “White Christmas” over and over again. Concurrently, the sentimental song brought melancholy as distance kept them from loved ones back in the states, yet joyful memories of home. According to a documentary produced by public television, when visiting the troops, Crosby said it was emotional for him to sing “White Christmas” for the soldiers, because he could see tears rolling down their cheeks.


With WWII over a number of years before, in 1954 the movie “White Christmas” was released set in Pine Tree, Vermont. It starred Crosby as a former WWII Army captain and had him once again dreaming of, and singing about a “White Christmas”.


Back to present day. Temperatures climbed close to 70 degrees in Connecticut this past week. Despite a dip in the thermometer predicted for today and tomorrow – December 19 & 20 – meteorologists agree the mercury is set to rise again next week making even flurries unlikely on December 25th.


Fear not, cold and snow lovers. Snow is coming, says the Farmers’ Almanac – check In fact, the Almanac predicts for New England a “deja vu” of last year’s frigid weather and unusually high snowfalls. Icicles suspended from eaves and rooftop snow shovelers are expected to make appearances again in coming weeks.


In the meantime, at least it is still possible to dream along with the ole’ crooner himself, as Crosby sings what has become an American standard and holiday tradition ….