Nandini's Caramel Bread Pudding has been added to Mom;s recipe Box.

Photo from goanwiki.com  Nandini’s Caramel Bread Pudding has been added to Mom”s Recipe Box.


 Nandini’s Caramel Bread Pudding


When I came across this recipe I knew I wanted to include it in my Mom’s Recipe Box Series. I found it on a wonderful blog called Goan Imports written by Nandini.


Bread pudding was one of my mother’s favorite desserts. I believe her mother – my grandmother Delia – made it when – my mother Cecelia – was growing up. Perhaps Mom made bread pudding for my older brothers and sisters while they were young but by the time I came along I do not recall her baking her own version. However, when we went out to eat if it was on the menu she would often order it, particularly during the autumn and winter seasons and especially around Thanksgiving and Christmas. That is why I wanted to post this recipe at this time of the year.


Bread pudding can be traced back to the 11 and 12th centuries. Because it was originally made from leftover stale bread, in 13th Century England it is said to have been known as “poor man’s pudding”. Apparently the taste for bread pudding made its way to New England and it is a dish I associate with this region. In a colorful description of the history of bread pudding The Daily Gazette http://www.dailygazette.com wrote ” Bread pudding has the most plebeian of origins but it now shows up on the menu of upscale restaurants”. The paper went as far as to say bread pudding has “shed its humble roots” to become “trendy”.


According to Nandini, Caramel Bread Pudding is a Goan staple “in the dessert family”. I posted a note to her expressing my interest in adding her recipe to my series and Nandini graciously replied that would be fine.


It was the idea of caramel flavor that caught my interest. As well,  I like that the recipe offers options of whole or low fat milk ( my choice is the latter) and either regular or whole wheat bread. It also includes directions on how to make caramel. With the approach of Thanksgiving, I’m looking forward to giving this recipe a try. – Jackie




Go to the link I am providing below for complete instructions.







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