Grilled Filet Mignon & Olde English Tomato Relish in Memory of Glen, Sr. & Muriel

We were a family of seven – three brothers and four sisters. Today marks the 12th anniversary of the passing of our brother Glen, Sr. In January 2012, we also lost our sister Muriel. Were they still with us, I would have enjoyed seeing what dish each chose for the Mom’s Recipe Box family project. This post is in their memory. – Jackie




Grilled filet mignon in memory of her son Glen has been added to Mom's Recipe Box. (Glen's high school  graduation photo.)

Grilled Filet Mignon in memory of her son Glen has been added to Mom’s Recipe Box. (Glen’s high school graduation photo.)




Glen and Mom had a running banter she loved to share with others during conversations. Whenever he would stop by the family home to visit her she would say. “Son, would you like to stay to eat?” Inevitably he would reply with a characteristic mischievous twinkle in his eye,  “Are you serving filet mignon?”

A steak & potatoes man, Glen took joy in entertaining family and friends using his George Foreman Grill. So, I searched online and came across a wonderful Grilled Filet Mignon recipe I think he would have been interested in trying.

Glen had a quick wit –  he would have gotten a laugh over the fact that his passing came on Halloween. He was a fan of UConn Women’s Basketball, UConn Football, and a loyal Red Sox baseball fan. Glen had a wide circle of friends who thought the world of him. He worked in security, and volunteered countless Sunday mornings to prepare fundraising breakfasts at the VFW.

“Bear” was a nickname given to Glen by his friends. Each Christmas my sisters Dixie and Candy, and I, leave a stuffed teddy bear at the cemetery by the Bennett Family stone in his remembrance.

Glen Sr., Debbie, Mom and Candy.

Glen Sr., his daughter Debbie, Mom/Nana and his sister Candy.


















Olde English Tomato Relish in memory of her daughter Muriel has been added to Mom's Recipe Box. (Muriel and Mom)

Olde English Tomato Relish in memory of her daughter Muriel has been added to Mom’s Recipe Box. (Muriel and Mom)





Around this time every autumn, Muriel would invite into her kitchen, Moma sibling or two and a few close friends to join in creating what I am calling “Muriel’s Olde English Tomato Relish.” It was based I am told, on a family recipe that made its way here directly from England. I was able to approximate this recipe thanks to the recollections of some who participated in the annual early morning to late afternoon cooking events, described to me as follows:


Huge pots boiling on Muriel’s stove spewing aroma filled steam. Canning jars galore. Cooking up multiple batches of baskets, baskets and more baskets brimming with red and green tomatoes, red and green peppers and peeled onions. All of which were washed and rinsed in colanders, then chopped, to be put through an old-fashioned hand grinder. Last but far from least came the critical seasoning phase, adding in – to taste – an array of spices. It was a day of work and fun. Muriel’s relish was then distributed as gifts to family & friends.


Muriel, her sister Candy and Mom shown at one of Muriel's favorite restaurants - Ribbits.

Muriel, her sister Candy and Mom shown at one of Muriel’s favorite restaurants – Ribbits.

I did not take part but I can vouch for the end result – delicious!

Muriel was an elementary school librarian. She loved reading and books. She also enjoyed crafts and would use her creativity to develop projects for the students. Muriel and Mom loved travel, especially trips north to Maine.













“Perfect Char-Grilled Filet Mignon” recipe found on foodnetwork.com



Candy and Dixie remembering Glen.

His sisters Candy and Dixie remembering Glen. He enjoyed grilling for family and friends.

8 ounce bottle zesty Italian dressing; 2 beef tenderloin fillets one and one half to two inches thick; 2 slices bacon; 2 T steak sauce (recommended Lea & Perrins); 2 t water.


Pour salad dressing into shallow pan; place steak in pan; allow to marinate 3 to 4 hours; prepare fire on charcoal grill; wrap bacon around each steak securing with a toothpick or kitchen twine; grill steaks for about 8 minutes per side turning only once and basting with mixture of steak sauce.

Obviously this recipe calls for the steaks to be grilled over charcoal so adjustments may need to be made to grilling time if a different style grill is used.- JB









“Muriel’s Olde English Tomato Relish” (batch yield varies according to jar size) 



Preparation of “Muriel’s Olde English Relish” was an annual event.



About 1 pound red tomatoes; about one pound green tomatoes, one pound onions; one pound each red and green peppers; one pound sugar; 1 pint white apple vinegar; thyme, dill seed, cumin, tumeric, salt, and allspice.



Sterilize preserve jars using boiling water. Wash vegetables in colander; Chop tomatoes and peppers, peel and chop onions; Combine in a bowl then hand grind; add white apple vinegar then season to taste using thyme, dill seed, cumin, tumeric, allspice and a modicum of salt; Pour into pot and bring to a boil, simmer on medium/low heat for about 1 and one half hours – stir periodically; Allow to cool in pot before spooning into clean, room temperature  jars.




Look for Mom’s Recipe Box weekly on Fridays as family members add to and celebrate my mother’s collection of recipes, the Cecelia G. Bennett Collection. – JB