002By Jacqueline Bennett newsandviewsjb (as shared by Deb)

“Do you know why I love teapots?” Debbie said a short time after my mother’s passing in December of 2010. “Because Nana and I would sit in the kitchen in the early morning and she would read my future in the tea leaves left inside my tea cup – it was always something wonderful and positive.”

My mother had a wealth of folklore knowledge and knowledge about superstitions. Among them was one about tea leaves.

Sisters Donna and Debbie with Nana  January 2010.

Sisters Donna and Debbie with Nana January 2010.

If a tea bag broke inside a teapot or cup as it simmered, it was good luck to finish drinking the cup of tea she told us. Then she would turn the cup upside down, slowly twirl it around on its saucer a few times and magically when she turned the delicate harbinger back upright, inside awaited a tale of tomorrows as shown in the trail of leaves. 

She made it quite believable that the tea leaves truly held the power to foretell what was to come. Her voice would be become soft and a bit mysterious, and just as Deb said, without fail the leaves told of joyous things that lie ahead – travel, adventure, achievements, romance & love. 

On Mother’s Day this coming Sunday, May 11, my sisters and I plan to make what has become one of our annual visits to Mom’s graveside to bring her favorite – yellow roses.

Perhaps this year, afterwards we will brew a pot of tea. After all thanks to Mom/Nana we know if we are lucky enough to find some tea leaves at the bottom of our cups, they will lead us to something splendid!