Word Press Daily Prompt: I Want To Know What Love Is: We each have many types of relationships – parents, children, spouses, friends. And, they’re not always with people; you may love an animal, or a place. Is there a single idea or definition that runs through all varieties of  “love”?

“And in the end the best you can hope for is to find a place to make a stand. And if you’re very lucky, you will find someone willing to stand with you.” Castle Finale Season Three

Someone willing to stand with you…to me, that quotation distinguishes the single trait, the thread of continuity in all relationships, essential to love. Be those relationships with family, friends or in romance. It is those who know your heart and the principles by which you live and in the darkest hours or brightest days, through the toughest of times when all others may turn away – they remain – willing to stand with you. Without loyalty love does not exist. Not blind loyalty but true loyalty, a bond beyond time and distance.

-Jacqueline Bennett newsandviewsjb