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Four days after Blizzard Charlotte/Nemo hit New England, the big dig continues in Connecticut which saw some of the highest levels of snowfall – as much as 40 inches. A travel ban has been lifted in the state but freezing rain on Monday compounded concerns for motorists and Gov. Dannel Malloy has said he expected it would take ten days before all roads are clear. There have been seven storm related fatalities and more than a dozen roof collapses reported. The governor has asked municipalities to make clearing school roofs a priority and he is allowing municipalities flexibility in snow disposal including use of waterways. Utility companies are assisting with snow clearing and some 250 Ct National Guard troops are also on duty to help in whatever way they are needed. State colleges and universities are to reopen today.

Waist deep in snow in Connecticut.

Waist deep in snow in Connecticut.


Roof clearing at the Main Pub in Manchester, Conn. on Monday.



“Plows and crews have been working since Friday morning and have not stopped since, working before, during and after the storm,” Malloy stated in an ongoing series of Twitter messages.

Downtown Manchester, Conn. two days after Blizzard Charolette/Nemo.

Downtown Manchester, Conn. two days after Blizzard Charlotte/Nemo.




On Monday in Manchester as was the case across the state, virtually everywhere snow plows, snow blowers and shovelers were still in motion. Despite school closings, the freezing rain apparently kept children from taking to the snow covered hills and slopes for sledding. Wickham Park, where a humongous hill generally attracts sledders of all ages, was closed. However, postal workers headed out to tackle their appointed routes where accessible.011